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Botox San Antonio

Botox San Antonio Botox injections can enhance one’s beauty and give a person a refreshed as well as a rejuvenated appearance. Spa Black is a Diamond Level Provider when it comes to Botox in San Antonio. We perform more of this procedure every year as compared to most other providers in the US. Botox is the most popular, as well as fastest growing non-surgical cosmetic treatment in the US.

A Botox injection in San Antonio, Texas, softens and most of the time eliminates the appearance of your frown lines, laugh lines plus crow’s feet. This procedure lessens the contraction of the muscles around injection site; plus, works by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses to injected muscles. A very small quantity, injected in key muscles, can lessen dynamic wrinkles on your face as well as the neck. You will still be able to smile, frown and look surprised without creases and wrinkles. Botox won’t dramatically change your appearance but will work wonders on eliminating your wrinkles.

At Spa Black in San Antonio, we always provide our clients with FDA approved botox cosmetic. Our clients are given the proper dose to effectively treat their wrinkles. Botox is always reconstituted to the exact specifications suggested by the manufacturer so that our clients can be certain of optimal long-lasting outcome.

Botox treatment is an easy, fifteen minute, non-surgical procedure. Within a period of five to fourteen days you will be able to get noticeable results. Such results can last for up to three to four months, but might differ based on several factors. Effects will diminish because botox loses its potency plus reapplication is needed to maintain the desired result. If you discontinue botox treatment, then the lines which were treated will gradually look like they did before the treatment. Discomfort during a botox treatment is generally minimal and brief. Prior to injection, you can choose to numb the area with the help of a cold pack or an anesthetic cream. Several people return directly to office, or normal activity following this wonderful treatment.

Beautiful skin starts with healthy skin. Our Spa Black motto: Why age now? When you can age later. Our skin care treatments are second to none. Please call us if you need the best botox cosmetic treatment in San Antonio, TX.



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