A Different Look into Laser Lipo with Vanquish

Laser Lipo is a cosmetic procedure that is used to remove body fat. Its popularity is that it is as effective as traditional liposuction without patients having to remain in the hospital. The technique employs lasers which breaks up fat, making it much easier to remove from a person’s body.  This eliminates the need for suction which can sometimes be harsh.

At Spa Black in San Antonio, we offer Vanquish Laser Lipo treatments to help you slim down and get tighter skin. This innovative treatment can help eliminate stubborn fat just about anywhere on the body. To find out if Vanquish is right for you, contact Spa Black today. Our staff can answer any questions you may have.


Vanquish laser lipo treatments offer a non-invasive and pain-free way to diminish stubborn body fat. The treatment process uses radio frequency wave technology and deep thermal heating to eliminate body fat – without the machine ever touching your skin! After treatment, the body’s lymphatic system works to eliminate the damaged fat cells naturally.

While the Vanquish treatment is effective, it is not an alternative to maintaining a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis. The procedure can change the shape of your body and give you a more attractive appearance. However, it is important that you realize that the treatment cannot reduce the appearance of stretch marks or cellulite.

Am I a Candidate?

Candidates must be over 18 and in good, general health. The best candidates are those who maintain healthy eating habits and maintain a regular exercise routine. Fat, of course, must be found in specific areas of your body. Depending on your age, the surgery may leave sagging skin in certain areas. Your surgeon should be trained and qualified in both general and plastic surgery. They should have the right, verifiable credentials as well.

Benefits of Laser Lipo

Patients can experience rapid and effective results with a minimal amount of downtime and body bruising. This procedure works well for patients on the go with commitments and a busy lifestyle. Your doctor can better explain any bruising concerns and recovery periods. Feeling and looking good is a huge benefit within itself.

Your decision to go ahead with Laser Lipo should be tempered with a desire to maintain a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Good habits, like bad habits, are hard to break. Get in the right frame of mind so that you can realize the best results from your Laser Lipo surgery.