A Lesson For Your Lips

Let’s Talk Lip Fillers

Did you know we offer three different kinds-
Want to know which one is best for you?
We add a topical anesthetic that will help numb the area but all fillers will include lidocaine so it will keep numbing the area as we keep on injecting.
All fillers we offer are HYALURONIC FILLERS:
Which means the area injected will become more hydrated when we inject so it adds more volume, creating a beautiful -fuller lip.
 Prices without specials
-Versa $699
-Restalyne $699
All fillers last 8 months to 1 year depending on the patient’s metabolism but it’s advised for patients to be back every 6 months for a touch-up!
It’s great to combine any lip fillers with our neurotoxins, which help diminish fine lines and the fillers add volume to areas as needed.
When clients get lip fillers it is expected to bruise but with the purchase of our Arnica and Ormedic lip balm & the trauma to the area will reduce.
Expect to be a bit bruised and the area to be a little swollen for up to 2 weeks.