Q&A with Dr J | Office Tour of Spa Black

Yeah Facebook and Instagram all right guys how are you today today we take another tour of one of the facilities this is the spa that’s located right up on the top of where we were last week we were downstairs at the plastic cosmetic Center which has right next door to at the Oh R and that’s kind of a self contained plastic and operating room just above it it’s spa and there’s another spa found in stone up which we purchased back in 2018 and maybe next week we’ll go through that but as we’re opening up you guys get to see how awesome it is I know we’ve all been dying and getting rain cleared by the minute we’re losing our hair we’re getting hairy when he plays a hair removal this is the place to be and just before we close we were super busy or booked three to four months out we’re getting back that way god bless you god bless the governor of Texas so of course we went to this file you’re going to have area are you going to see awesome awesome products these products I don’t buy a lot of lines because I think a lot confuses people and then all of us don’t understand the lines directly but our senti line is our highest end line we like it because it has a high sorts a different type of process and I keep on giving the exact name but it’s called chondroitin sulfate now long but there’s another thing to guys

Jeffie my Jeffy Mikey says hello oh hi so a little more affordable line and then I started to make a line along with Brandon deep which this hairline right here is just flying off the shock if I personally use it yes I do have normally nice hair but I just noticed that it got thicker it’s your shampoo or sort of conditioner treatment and rapid growth serum for 99 bucks and this lasts a long time you see how big these are so see when you put a little bit this is a little pump you put on your hand and it works really really well so again our age line right here and this is all available for delivery but starting May 1 can actually come a period my doctor’s office which part of it is the spa I love your hair thank you on Instagram and Facebook we have 50 people on Facebook okay this is just one of our spa directors and she has stayed and made this place look really pretty for you because of course we’re gonna dust off some things as as the San Antonio starts to lift its restrictions tissue repair cream that’s really good for sunburns or for post-op post-operative things like laser resurfacing a lot of people use ik and also our Beauty our recovery lotion I like it cuz that’s copper and weirdly copper is heads coat is a cofactor to wound healing so that’s why I like this line of course our last bit of hair medica calming hairspray it’s when I do NeoGraft hair restoration on guys or girls it gets you a bitchy so we make this spray everybody’s saying hi and someone said when our surgery starting surgery start Monday Lord and so it’s a spa up here a spa so no could be closer two more weeks but the spa that’s here is adjacent is part of my awful practice so here we go this is a rapid fade right here this goes to get rid of sun damage brown spots age spots it’s our pre treatment cream before surgery on people who are dark retinol eye cream is a is helps with the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes love this I use it myself at home it’s awesome awesome surgeon 20% goes to charity thank you too and she said I had children very young so I’ve never had a good figure I’m a size 14 and I can’t imagine how it would be to have a great body you must really change people’s lives doctor you’re amazing you’re the Versace of skin.

I did not write that but it is awesome I remember is I had to frame this because it is super awesome your sister says hi big bro miss you my hair is prettier though I’m gonna call you later there’s our busiest skin analysis you get a free one what you do you’re gonna put your face in here we’re gonna now on ice your skin and when we analyze your skin this thing comes up and shows your Reds and your brown spots your aging and then we can track your progress like for example for wrinkles we can track your progress if I do this wrong so that’s it with that – we’ll track your progress with the busy op the busy is a great tool because let’s say you don’t see something the busy he’ll tell you a wrinkle scoring from 70% to 40% you track your your your between the skin care the legs do resurfacing so we’re gonna go over and this will let you know what can I do laser hair removal on african-american skin we can we now laser it’s called the Estanza it’s a 1064 wavelength which is ultra long pulse it gets a little bit past it’s very safe for darker skin however we would do a test spot on areas that you want us to do but we’ll do it the hidden area will do like one or two passes to make sure it’s pretty cool what’s the number again to Inouye four nine eight nine four nine one two two tonight the first ten people will get Juba ten I’m making ten tonight 20 units for $99 we’re opening up Friday we’re already booked Friday but maybe Monday Tuesday or Wednesday than the phone that a week will be open Saturdays oh wow the great fairies of the office gave us $19.99 for EM scoped with four bank which as a starter package just normally runs around $39.99 that is our advertised price so because you guys are coming out of this and you want to tuck tighten and tone up we used to vanquish and I’ll show you what that is first and we heat the area melt the fat then we had the M scoped to them pop the stomach muscles or the rectus it also pops out the butt too and gives you look exaggerated six-pack and exaggerated buttocks awesome machine love it okay

Wherever here is our is our Hydra facial a staple in our office we do a lot of hydro facials uses microdermabrasion but infuses liquid type of vitamin C we can infuse anti-aging we can infuse all kinds of things rounds about 199 I’m sure the girls I have a special but text me at to 108 94 91 to to 108 94 91 to to one of my favorite parts that’s the same tell you about what’s cool about it not only do the hair and all that but look I’m over Tim Duncan see that Thomas Jeremy and then Tim Duncan is – yeah loved him Duncan but I’ve never I never thought that I would get billing over that but that’s cool hard at work today so this right here is our practice carbon dioxide fracture resurfacing the best um the best you can get and the most the procedure that has the most bang for the buck has always been carbon dioxide or co2 resurfacing they fractionated it which means they made it into holes so that you don’t get the whole wave of loss of skin you get little fractions that’s normally one treatment with with retail and skincare plus exosomes with our stem cells after surgery or stem cell messengers that’s only 20 1.99 it is $12.99 tonight one $2.99 that’s crazy so but the only way to get it is to text me right now at two one oh eight nine four nine one two to see if I can put it in my phone so you guys have it you ready I’m gonna put it up here so you guys really have it may for me Jojo wait for it wait for it our job let’s see – 108 9 for 9 1 2 2 and we’re going to make this huge what am I doing here heading sorry no I won’t let me go any bigger than this ok so I’m gonna turn it on this but to 108 9 for 9 1 to 2 is the number I’ll keep bringing it out to 108 9 for 9 want you to first 10 people who text in their name and email are gonna get 20 jabo for $99 they’re getting it basically half-price and we love you this is that vanquish machine I told you about you get in this thing Oh like this we can do legs people get is the adven what we do is we apply this this radio frequency device and it spins the dipoles of water and fat and explodes your fat so we’ll take this then put you over to the Ensco for magnificent one-two punch Oh normally that’s about $39.99 but one night only because it is an awesome deal we’re gonna do it for $19.99 probably limit this to four people will get that quickly so thank you Anna for putting a number up yeah so there we go Vanquish machine in this office it’s called the Venus this is an old tried-and-true it’s called the multipolar radiofrequency and these heat up so we can heat up JA skin saddlebags medial thighs we can melt them with this and then heat the skin with this this is also good for post-op for any abdomens that have loose skin thinking about a bang and we love it with this has been a workhorse for eight years in our office the Venus Kristin says she can’t wait for her surgery I can’t wait either so right here this also has a portion of device called a micro needling and the micro needling goes in side the skin and then punctures the skin lightly with 25 times it comes out so micro needling in the old days would there’d be something that went in the skin but this one has not only does it go in the skin but also heats that area and cause this collagen denaturation fancy word for heats it roughs it up and they look carefully almost pizza roughs it out and then it causes all of it to come back together let’s go over here it’s lady air she’s been with me almost 12 years what the get the body you want cool something so again this is our our buy one get one special tonight not the laser itself so this is our Reese muth this is an ultra-fast hair removal laser okay and what this thing does in and three to five upwards of three to five to seven minutes you can get your entire front or back done with contact cooling that’s what this thing is it’s a it’s cool to the touch and it rubs all the way down up and down your back or your legs and this thing is super fast and super comfortable I’m a total chicken and I get in this thing and what also it does is that those little spider veins you can place it on an angle set the Machine up and it’s a wonderful leg bank machine and if you don’t have time for a little microneedle ink or carbon dioxide you want something real light come a little bit of a photo facial just to tighten pores make you look good for the night out it says the setting where does a photo facial kind of 1064 photo facial which you can do it lunch and then go back to work.

So it’s really awesome we’re gonna start using this right here this is a hair regrowth light you sit under it it has a beautiful red light to it we’re gonna start offering this here and what you do is you pay for a package of hair growth you sit under this thing uses laser stimulates blood flow and creates hair growth it’s pretty cool it was not quite as as good as a NeoGraft that I use you know I’m actually taking and transplanting hair but between me and grass or did you even start or thicken your hair they get Fred right over there my mom says hi and she loves your hair your mom every time she’s your fan all right come on down here I walk out here to some of our rooms and Fran Garcia said are the flood gays opening at the end of the month Franco there it is there’s our air horn which floodgates well on May we could open up this office as it is part of my overall office and then maybe in two weeks we open up stone over so we’re almost eight ninety four and I want to – there you go that’s what we were missing love you Dr J oh love your hair Dr J I’m jealous Juanita her amazing hair regrowth system I mean this thing has been growing like crazy you want his hair there you go now it’s not gonna make care of us gonna thicken what you have to pretend like you made hair that’s how hair works either thicken it or make it okay someone holds it this is my CoolSculpting my old one you can see after two cycles Bonita Sanchez excited for my surgery in July we’re excited for you make sure you Texas tonight your name and phone number 208 94 there’s your phone number right there – 108 94 91 – – bing bada bing bada boom right now you’re gonna get 20 of those did you vote for $99 incredible savings that’s half off somebody’s so mark a vasca says see you at the gym soon for the gym we’re all the way to the gym we’re all do it like air squats at home it’s Lauren get rid of cellulite so so Peter goes under and gets up these little areas I’m look how smooth it gets over like this is a three month view okay so this is our selfie no people love it and there’s Freddie’s work right there pretty easy charge of all these peas and Roma’s our friend on Kevin’s five and we’re about to get rid of these smart specialists about to give it to April do we remember over there yes get it for us so anyway you’re sitting in here this is the comfortable room we got water and I wish you could serve champagne or something.

We’re gonna be amazed fish was that worry that’s we’re gonna be doing for me I got breast augmentations going at 55 pretty far the lights anyway that way our chests sculpting for you men out there guys chest opening for men and I got a real good deal if you call tonight and book tonight there was something that I’ll probably go for doing but if you call I’ll tell you the secret secret okay so what about war room areas you see here busy working that’s really dark filled up there what’s that special right there not oh look man the spa fairies were hard at work $4.99 for versa which is the lip filler plus 20 units Juve Oh in years in your area right here did you blow beer ears here or here so normally you just get the versa by itself for $4.99 normally that’s $5.99 so it’s $100 off plus you get this 20 units of jube oh thank you the spa fairies were hard at work cool fairies we’re here and give us a little something a little thingy so we’ve got four areas for $19.99 that’s a diner flanks upper lower abdomen and flanks and that’s pretty good for CoolSculpting that’s not a zit that’s not expensive we normally have it that’s a great special to freeze your fast tonight tonight Freddie has a super clearance item that’s going to be super secret yeah we’re not even gonna show so you have to call us about it this is our fatahna machine okay now this machine it’s a beast okay it goes vaginal tightening bladder incontinence tightening call into encanta lace intimidates for vaginal tightening it does facial resurfacing it does rapid hair removal it does skin tightening called tight lace for any loose areas of the medial thighs the antair thighs the saddlebags the neck it also does laser resurfacing himself of the nourish after Sophina so awesome awesome awesome normal el Corrales as Annie my lips done I want to know text to and oh okay Texas right now to be 1994 now but you have to buy it tonight nine one eight nine four nine one two two there it is right there see right there so you can buy that special the $4.99 includes 20 units did you vote so yeah once you see a versa plus 20 units of your vote right now al Rita become a war room I’m gonna come back to this country rooms in this room right here we have our surgical stubble and in this room right here we have a central supply where these guys wash our instruments for surgery and of course this is our suture area I know this is kind of a small office but it works really enough you don’t need something big to do that myself dr. Dre dr. J dr. J great sup dr. J great show and Rubinek can we start collecting these little things for you guys so we’re going to go over them tonight okay the little fairies we’re gonna do we got some if you take a look at this we have our skin or packaging right now anybody who pays tonight and calls me right now I’m gonna do a special pricing on these right now for tonight as soon as these are paid for you have to pay for these packages tonight I do have like we said for dr. dr. J his hair regrowth that he uses have you seen as much as hair you like it a lot I got a special on this tonight only for tonight that’s regular $110 we got written on rapid fade it’s also available again these prices will only be good for tonight you have to call me or text to 108 94 are you ready for this BAM M sculpt plus vanquish you guys want to get that dead solid out doing or ladies or you want to make your butt look nicer with some melting fat we melt fat with the vanquish and then we create muscle with M skulls that’s easy $39.99 ix only $19.99 Versa lip filler ma’am Wow whoa Nelly Darnell says hello dr. J hello how are you and LeeAnn Gomez said Manfredi you’re looking great so first time which is normally $5.99 thank you for that price that’s versus you vote for how much so versa by itself normal price is $5.99 we went down to $4.99 but we added 20 minutes juve Oh 20 did you boys don’t make $200 it’s thrown in that’s right this multi querías $19.99 normally that’s about $29.99 to $39.99 depending on areas but we’re going Coburn 19 nuts here we go $12.99 these treatments give you one treatment and the retail and the stem-cell messengers called exosomes that improve postoperatively the healing and even the results and don’t forget we have our spa black hair care stuff this is truly amazing Nick Farris says hello doc great stuff oh thank you very much don’t forget here got our hair regrowth we’re gonna leave it in the front well we’re gonna leave this in the front gonna leave these on just gonna show them one more time yeah we’ve got this rapid thing it’s 2% 2% hydroquinone okay the rapid fake juice of hydroquinone is great because those Aging in brown spots you put them on your hand and your face and right now this is so hard to get because they’re not making a lot of these I branded under small black because I told them what to get what to do what to make this is a retinol ice cream it’s a mild cream for under the eye so it doesn’t get too red and that’s you irritating but it helps with the fine lines if you don’t have a retinol in your eye cream and something’s different retinoids you’ll see like in over-the-counter brands they’re really light resonate products but retinols are a little stronger than retina and there between retinoids and retin-a and red base obviously the most strongest Rona says great hair dr. J and then fran over here on instagram says i love the hair okay so what else is left our mark specials last to get all liposuction to chest abs in flanks six areas the chest no actually that’s one two three four yes six hours for $69.99 last chance to get your tummy tuck for nine $9,999 it’s normally about $13.99 this this pact is doing about nine nine nine nine right here eight units of jabo for $69.99 so basically this is right around ten bucks today this is only this is about a $200 off with laser so you get a hair restoration we’re gonna ladies at the top of your hairline here and then we’re gonna have shampoo justices can you grow hair on someone already show you some you know these are real results on people when you got an afternoon like this it takes the em scoped on and if you add some fat melting you get some real good six-packs out of it it’s kind of a weird thing I mean people don’t get it but look at the lack skin here Lex here what that looks like now and you’re taking from here to here it’s a really just beautiful result and then look at these butts right here so some before emsco with the but Bertha says I’m gonna pull his hair I want I cream to get my get rid of my bags I take care of the bags so call Rachel call right now or gym 108 94 91 – – just get this retinol eye cream it doesn’t get 100% real eye bags let’s say get rid of back just that you have surgery with me so combining this with surgery is awesome we’re leaving upfront for you so tomorrow when you call I’ll be able to ship it drop ship it or meet you on the parking lot and handle it off to you safely okay sorry May 1 the governor’s curfew is over and we tell biz or retail businesses can do curbside license as part of my office this is an office based business plastic surgeon we can actually see patients so we’ll see you guys starting Friday we love you guys please let me know if you have any questions I know some short today but the next one we’ll do is maybe go over to store oh good show with that small one so I can show you the incredible machines we have their whole oh don’t forget your bank wish you never scold your PO something don’t forget your carbon dioxide in your micro needling don’t forget your venus and vanquish and don’t forget the fatahna for timeles don’t bull and snoring so these snoring by Fatah no we go in and we do 6 treatments my snoring I had it went down by 74% we used to think all snore and you can record yourself it does some chords you snore it and then you do that procedure and then you notice about a 74 percent reduction Liz Flores says double chin double chins are there’s a couple things you can do do CoolSculpting if you don’t want any surgery I’m taking about two to three treatments maybe even four or you do mind with one serve you can do that awake or asleep but if you call us right now I’ve been instructed ready to just but you have to call now don’t wait don’t don’t think about it just call and he is going to be he’s gonna he’s got some things up his sleeve that that can’t I’m not going to make public you guys have to call us and let us know don’t forget the first 10 people that give us their name and phone number we’ll get 20 years of Jebel for $99 let’s try to try cubo dollars here here what are you doing this one’s dying but it’s good this is this person Bertha for the eye cream says she’s gonna come by they call right now in prepaying pick up tomorrow I will give you a smoking deal right now love you thanks for taking a tour of the step-and-repeat if you really want to wanted it scans in and it’s let you know what how we’re doing with all your procedures it’s awesome awesome awesome we love you thank you very much system pretty amber and I make it Lisa thanks you as well cheerio