Acne Prevention Tips

If you suffer from acne breakouts, you know how frustrating it can be to spend untold amounts of your money on expensive acne products that claim to solve your problem. Unfortunately, you are probably throwing your money away. The good news is that there are methods for clearing your skin that are very effective and inexpensive.

Acne breakouts can be due to any number of changes you may have made in your daily routine. For example, you may have recently changed your soap, laundry detergent, face cream or shampoo. These are some of the most common culprits. If you want your skin to remain radiant and clear, you can help to avoid breakouts by following a few acne prevention tips.

Choose Makeup Carefully

How much makeup you use and its type can have a major impact on the condition of your skin. Many people buy expensive products that claim to make their skin look great, only to learn it is these very products that are clogging their pores and leading to pimples. If you are susceptible to breakouts, buy only products that have “non-comedogenic” on their labels. This term signifies that the product is formulated so that it will not clog your pores.

Dermatologists also commonly advise the use of lightweight products that are oil-free and non-comedogenic. You may also want to avoid using greasy skincare products containing ingredients like cocoa butter and mineral oils, which can lead to the development of pimples.

Change Your Pillowcase Often

It may be surprising to learn that simply changing your pillowcase once a week can help to prevent acne breakouts. This is because all of the dirt, sweat and makeup seeps onto your pillow each night, hampering your efforts at keeping your face clean.

If you do not regularly wash your pillowcase, you are effectively sleeping in all of the dirt, debris and oil your face collected all day. Washing your pillowcase each week will ensure that your face has the chance to rest and heal at the end of every day.

Examine Your Shampoo

If you have noticed that your breakouts are more frequent recently, you might want to check your shampoo. Shampoos with additional chemicals and fragrances can irritate your skin, leading to breakouts on your forehead, neck, jaw and back.

If your breakout coincides with using a new shampoo or conditioner, try using non-fragrance products and be sure you always thoroughly rinse the shampoo from your hair in the shower. Organic products free of added chemicals may also help to prevent breakouts.

Avoid Touching Your Face

You may have noticed that people who are constantly touching their face tend to have more breakouts. The reason is that the dirt and oil on your hands are transferred to your face when you touch it. It may be harder than you think to avoid touching your face constantly, but doing so will keep it healthy and clean and cut down on future breakouts.

Seek Professional Treatment

At Spa Black in San Antonio, we offer a variety of treatment options along with acne prevention tips. From medical-grade facials to IPL therapy and the Fotona SP Dynamis laser, we are sure to have something that can treat your acne. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment to learn more about acne prevention and treatment.