Add a Golden Glow to Your Skin with South Seas Spray Tanning

There’s nothing like that beautiful, bronze glow on your skin that makes your smile pop and gives you a vibrancy that is irresistible. When you want that luscious tan without the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays, a South Seas spray tan is the solution for you. Look like you’ve been kissed by the sun without paying the price of wrinkles. Your skin will thank you, and you will turn heads everywhere you go.

Why Choose South Seas Spray Tanning?

When it comes to your skin, there’s nothing worse than baking in the sun. You open yourself up to premature wrinkling, blemishes, burns, and the potential dangers of skin cancer. With a South Seas spray tan, you can have all of the glory of a tan without putting yourself at risk.

South Seas offers a range of spray tan products, including the Tahitian Tan, the All Natural Spray Tan, the Fiji Express Spray Tan, and the Tan Today/White Tomorrow DHA Free Tan.

South Seas spray tanning solutions are based on natural products. They contain DHA. This sugar reacts with your skin to create the bronze color that you have been waiting for all year long. Depending on how long you wait to shower, you can give yourself a darker tan.

Get faster results with the Fiji Express spray tan when you are on the go.

Go with an Effective Tanning Solution 

Prepare your skin prior to a tanning session by giving yourself a close shave and moisturizing. When you are ready to head in for your tan, make sure that your skin is free of any lotions or oils.

A spray tan is applied evenly, avoiding the streaking that can occur with do-it-yourself lotions.

Wear loose clothing and follow instructions about when you should shower. Continue to moisturize after your tan has set to make it last. You won’t believe how authentic your tan looks and how good your skin will feel. You can even enjoy scented solutions that add to the entire experience.

Discover the South Seas Difference

The only way you can find out more about a South Seas spray tan is to experience one for yourself. Make an appointment with Spa Black today. You can have that beautiful tan without taking a vacation or spending too much time in the sun. Protect your skin and beautify it at the same time with a South Seas spray tan.