Are All Facial Injections the Same Thing?

If you’re looking into cosmetic treatments and injections, it can be overwhelming to see the various types of injectables, fillers, and treatments. The many different proprietary formulas and trademarked procedures can leave you wondering who these are for and what they can do for you. You might ask, “Are they all the same thing with different brands?”

The answer is no; each has its own strengths and limitations. While some share a basic formula or method of action, there are nearly as many methods of action as there are procedures. To help you understand each, we’ve put together a quick guide to some of the various aesthetic injectables we offer. This includes the latest technologies such as Belotero Balance and Kybella® and the classics such as Dysport® or BOTOX®.

Belotero Balance®

This prescription injection combines several beneficial ingredients to quickly and easily reduce moderate or severe lines and wrinkles on your face, especially nasolabial folds – the wrinkles which go from the corner of your mouth up to the side of your nose. It fills in the skin and integrates with your tissue to reduce the depth of lines while leaving the skin mobile and natural in feel and appearance.


Part of the Juvederm® line of hyaluronic acid-based gel dermal fillers, Volbella® improves the appearance of smoker’s lines and enhances the lips.


The classic injectable, BOTOX® works by blocking the signal of the nerves which cause excess tension throughout your face. This makes these injections an excellent solution for resolving various lines caused by habitual contraction of the muscles, but less ideal for treatment of wrinkles or lines caused by lack of volume or lost elasticity in the skin.


Made from the same main ingredient as BOTOX, Dysport® largely differs in the way it diffuses through your skin; however, it does work in the same type of way.


Kybella is an injectable based on synthetic deoxycholic acid, which destroys fat cells in a localized area and, thus, reduces unwanted submental fullness, otherwise known as a double chin.

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