Benefits of DOT Therapy Facial Resurfacing

Do you have sun damaged or acne scarred skin? Have you tried topical products and are not happy with the minimal results? Maybe you just want to improve the appearance of your skin tone and reduce the look of wrinkles and lines on your face. If any of these issues apply to you, DOT Therapy may be the answer you are looking for. This laser therapy is an option with minimal downtime that promises big results.

Spa Black Laser and Lipo Center in San Antonio can help you get the look you want through DOT Therapy Facial Resurfacing. You can get freshly rejuvenated skin in under an hour, right here at our spa center. To find out if DOT Therapy is right for you, and to schedule your appointment, contact Spa Black today.

What is DOT Therapy?

Dermal Optical Thermolysis is a laser therapy that is designed to improve the appearance of skin affected by a range of factors. When you receive this therapy, a controlled laser will apply a tiny pattern of pulses to the affected areas of the face. The treatment is entirely customizable and adjustments can be made at any time to give the best chance at improving skin appearance. The laser works to stimulate collagen growth and encourage skin tightening.

Benefits of DOT Therapy

Some of the reported benefits of this laser therapy include:

  • Fast procedure- about 30 minutes!
  • Minimal downtime
  • Quick healing
  • Low-risk
  • Positive results
  • Rejuvenated skin
  • Lasting results
  • Usually only need one treatment

Procedure Details

When you arrive to receive your DOT therapy procedure, you will be led to a comfy chair and will receive a topical anesthetic, which is used to make you more comfortable during the procedure. This therapy does not require sedation, which is a definite plus. The therapy takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. After you are done, your skin will be red and peeling for a few days. It will look a lot like a sunburn. You are encouraged to use a lotion to promote healing and after about 7-10 days, you should expect a refreshed normal skin appearance after the healing process is complete. To maintain results, it is advised that you use sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight.


DOT treatment is said to be safer than traditional laser therapy because it is minimally invasive, needs only topical anesthetic, heals rapidly, and uses a very controlled laser procedure that is customized to each patient. The painful bruising and damage done by traditional laser therapy is not a factor with DOT Therapy.

If you are looking for a procedure to improve the look of your sun damaged, aging, or acne scarred skin, DOT Therapy may be the procedure for you. It is performed by a doctor, so it is not without cost and some healing time, but it may be a good option for patients looking for real results.