Benefits of Getting Med Spa Services

If you are dissatisfied with your appearance, you might want to look into the benefits of getting med spa services. It is highly likely that you can find a therapy that is right for you when it comes to restoring a more youthful look. Our med spa in San Antonio provides clients with many advantages. One of them is our wide variety of treatment methods. As a result, your therapy can be customized for you. You will not need to settle for a treatment that works well for others but not for you. The professionals at our medical spa can help you make the right choice.

The presence of lines and wrinkles on the face is a common reason many people seek med spa services. They begin to develop as a result of a reduction in collagen production. Collagen is the substance that is produced in the lower layers of the skin to keep it full and tight. One of the natural effects of aging is a drop in collagen production. Less collagen leads to a loosening of the skin. This naturally gives way to the formation of wrinkles. The professionals at our med spa can help you select a therapy that will restore collagen to higher levels.

Laser treatments are among the most popular techniques when it comes to skin tightening. They can be done in ways that do not destroy the outer layers of the skin. Instead, the energy is focused on the dermis, or the layer beneath the surface, where the collagen growth takes place. As the tissue absorbs the laser energy, it is heated. This heat is what causes the growth process of additional collagen to begin. The growth is gradual, taking place over the next few months. During this time, the skin will become noticeably tighter. It will continue to do so until collagen production reaches its peak. However, there will still be some degree of skin tightening that is noticed immediately as a result of the skin’s initial response to the laser energy.

You can also choose to undergo intense pulsed light therapy (IPL). Like lasers, this method utilizes concentrated light pulses. It is somewhat less aggressive than laser energy, but it is geared toward producing similar results through the stimulation of collagen growth.

If you are interested in a different method all together, you might want to ask one of our professionals to explain the benefits of microdermabrasion to you. This is a mild form of treatment that is performed by spraying tiny exfoliating crystals onto the skin. This can be beneficial in a number of ways. It can clear away any dead skin cells and other debris that may be interfering with a smooth skin tone and texture. It will also help to open any clogged pores. Those who are struggling with acne will find this to be especially beneficial. Microdermabrasion will also help to stimulate collagen growth, which in turn will help restore tightness to the skin.

At Spa Black in San Antonio, we can explain the benefits of these and other therapies to you in more detail. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!