Benefits of Sunless Tanning

There is nothing like a beautiful tan. It gives you that healthy glow and makes it look like you’ve been spending all your time at the beach. Whether you are going out for a night on the town, having an intimate weekend at home or are out and about, a tan could be your favorite thing you wear. You have three choices when it comes to getting that tan. You can bake in the sun, you can go to a tanning salon or you can opt for sunless tanning at our spa in San Antonio. If you are looking for the safest way to get that bronze skin that you love so much, sunless tanning is the way to go.

What are the Benefits?

Sunless tanning is the healthiest option for your skin. Tanning in the sun or a tanning bed takes a major toll on your skin. You can expect premature aging and you will increase your risk of skin cancer. You also have no control over the shade of your tan.

When you choose sunless tanning, you are bringing on a temporary change to the surface of your skin that will fade in time. Tanning sprays will not hurt your skin. You won’t be doing any harm as you get the bronze body that you want.

Sunless tanning also gives you more control when it comes to the shade that you prefer. You can go darker or lighter. A sunless tan allows you to get a tan as needed. You don’t have to depend on the weather or spend several days in a tanning booth. One visit to our med spa in San Antonio and you can have the tan of your dreams.

What to Expect with Sunless Tanning

You can prepare ahead of time for your sunless tan by shaving in advance and keeping your skin moisturized. Your tanning session will be brief. When you go home, you will need to be patient. You will see your full results by the next day as your sunless tan darkens during the overnight hours. When you’re ready for your next session, you can simply return to our office. A sunless tan is convenient when you have a special occasion or when you want to recapture the glow of Summer.

Schedule Your Sunless Tanning Session Today

Make an appointment at Spa Black in San Antonio to experience a sunless tan for yourself. You can start with a lighter shade and work your way up to a darker shade to find the tan that is best for you. We proudly offer South Seas sunless tanning treatments for patients seeking to get that beautiful glow in a safe and smart way. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!