BOTOX as a Preventative Treatment

Did you know that BOTOX® can be used as a type of preventative treatment? With a surge in Instagram models and, of course, the selfie culture over the past few years, many men and women in their early to mid-20s are now attempting to stop the aging process early on by using BOTOX® to stop fine lines and wrinkles from forming.

Why consider BOTOX® as a preventative measure?

For those living in radiantly sunlit parts of the country, like San Antonio, it is recommended to protect the skin with sunblock and maintain a disciplined skin care routine to prevent wrinkles and fine lines from forming. But many find that this is not enough to prevent lines adequately, especially those formed due to exaggerated facial movements.

Wrinkles and lines can easily develop over time due to the skin weakening where it creases regularly. This is usually seen as laugh or smile lines around the mouth and outer corners of the eye, but also after repeated frowning, which can often contribute to fine lines which can deepen with age as the skin loses elasticity.

So, how does it work on younger skin?

Injecting BOTOX® into these problem areas as a preventative treatment allows the muscles to relax, which prevents the skin from folding in the same way, helping to prevent wrinkles from forming. As well as relaxing the muscle movement, using BOTOX® creates a smoother appearance.

Why not just wait until later?

The main difference between using the procedure as a preventative treatment versus waiting to use it once wrinkles have already formed is that this is a way to retrain the muscles in the face not to move in an exaggerated way. By stopping the muscles pulling your skin, this allows the skin to age at a slower and more even rate.

Need more information?

So, if you are curious about facial injectables or simply would like some more information before deciding if you want to pursue this treatment, talk to our experts at Spa Black in San Antonio. Contact our med spa today to schedule a consultation!