Causes of Wrinkles to Watch Out For

The common areas where wrinkles appear mostly on the face is the neck, eyebrows, foreheads and near the lips. Are there efficient and straightforward medical treatments to reduce or completely get rid of wrinkles? The answer is a definite yes, and Belotero Balance is one of the ways.

Crow’s feet and laugh lines are often associated with getting older which is usually times, not the cause. Wrinkles and fine lines are physical signs of aging, however, most of the times, these symptoms have nothing to do with aging at all. Daily habits and environmental factors can take a toll on the physical appearance causing wrinkles to appear.

1. Sun exposure

The most prominent culprit for wrinkles is the sun. UVA rays that are responsible for penetrating the skins deepest layers and the UVB rays that are responsible for causing sunburns leads to premature wrinkles and aging. Loss of elastin and collagen occurs as a result of sun damage which eventually leads to wrinkling.

2. Pollution

Pollution contributes to free radical damage. Free radicals are rogue oxygen molecules that lack an electron, in the process of trying to locate the other half of the atom, they end up the disintegration of collagen cells in the skin.

3. Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep adds to the development of wrinkles since the skin’s pH is changed and the ability of the skin to remain hydrated. Besides, toxins are usually flushed out of the skin during sleep.

4. Stress

Personal dramas, as well as a busy work schedule, take a toll on not only a person’s emotional and mental well being but also physical well being. Cortisol levels are increased by stress which in turn reduces the skins ability to retain moisture. A rise in blood sugar also damages the elastin fibers and collagen in the skin. Collagen and elastin fibers are critical in keeping the skin from sagging and developing wrinkles.

5. Facial expressions

A repeat of facial expressions usually leaves a mark on the skin, a constant expression over the years reduces the elasticity of the skin making the marks on the skin permanent.

6. Gender

A woman has a higher chance of getting wrinkles than a man since she has fewer glands and a less oily skin. Skin that is less greasy develops wrinkles faster than skin that is sebum saturated.

7. Gravity

Gravity alone cannot cause wrinkles; nevertheless, an already sagging skin will be assisted by gravity to sag faster. It mostly intensifies thinning and sagging that is related to age leading to deeper lines and drooping eyelids.

8. Poor nutrition

While having a balanced diet is not a guarantee for aging the skin gracefully, a poor diet is a contributor to some wrinkles people have. Too much sugar, especially processed, breaks down collagen. Vitamin defiance also leads to the development of wrinkles and lines at a very young age.

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