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Are you interested in achieving the effects of liposuction without the actual liposuction? At Spa Black, our TightLase® treatments offer non-surgical cellulite reduction and create tighter, smoother contours in problematic areas without anesthesia or downtime.

Real patient results before and after tightlase procedure

Serving the San Antonio area, Spa Black is led by Dr. Thomas JenebyContact us today to schedule a consultation and discover the benefits of TightLase® for non-invasive skin tightening and cellulite reduction.

What Causes Cellulite?

Characterized as the lumpy, bumpy, orange peel-like texture underneath the skin, cellulite is caused by underlying fat pushing up on connective tissues. Although it is not a cause for medical concern, many individuals choose to treat cellulite for a more cosmetically-appealing appearance on multiple areas of the body.

Although cellulite can occur in overweight individuals, it can also sometimes develop as normal fat beneath the skin in men and women who maintain a healthy body weight. Although there are several creams and over-the-counter solutions that promise dynamic results, the TightLase® delivers clinically-proven results without having to undergo extensive liposuction or surgery.

What is TightLase®?

Developed as part of the Fotona SP Dynamis multi-application laser system, TightLase® features dual-wavelength laser technology for skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and non-surgical body contouring. The gentle nd: YAG laser is non-ablative, meaning it works underneath the skin without damaging the surface. When emitted into the skin, the laser energy converts to heat, safely warming and shrinking fatty tissues to smooth out the appearance of cellulite.
The heating process also causes underlying collagen fibers to coagulate, tightening the skin. The TightLase® has been described by medical professionals as liposuction without the lipolysis with the added benefits of skin tightening, making it a standalone treatment in the world of cellulite reduction and body contouring.

Am I a Good Candidate for TightLase®?

Men and women who wish to reduce the appearance of cellulite, tighten areas of lax skin, and achieve inch reduction in areas of excess fat may be candidates for TightLase®. Some contraindicating medical conditions, such as hypertension and heart disease, may require further evaluation before treatment is approved. During your consultation, our medical team will evaluate factors such as your health, medical history, aesthetic goals and treatment expectations in order to determine if TightLase® is the best course of treatment for you.

Results may vary, and although visible results are sometimes noticeable after the first treatment, multiple sessions may be necessary in order to achieve optimal results. Our medical team will advise you on how many sessions you may require during your first appointment.

Contact Spa Black today to schedule a consultation and find out how TightLase® can improve your body contours without surgery or downtime.

Cellulite Reduction San Antonio

Real results from laser lipo cellulite reduction procedure by SpaBlack
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