NeoGraft Light Therapy

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Restore your hair and achieve a younger look with NeoGraft light therapy in San Antonio. Hair restoration with the state-the-art NeoLTS system is non-invasive, quick, and able to provide incredibly natural results.

At Spa Black, we use this laser technology to create a natural-looking and attractive hairline. Schedule a consultation to find out more about what NeoLTS can do for you.

What Is NeoGraft Light Therapy?

NeoLTS is an innovative device for laser hair restoration. It is a modern and non-invasive approach to restoring hair using light therapy. In this therapy, scalp areas with thinning or no hair are exposed to green and red light to stimulate oxygen production in the tissues. An increase in oxygen deep into the scalp stimulates cell production and eventually leads to normal hair growth.

With NeoGraft light therapy, there is no need for scalpel incisions, sutures, staples, or a long downtime. This laser hair restoration treatment can achieve very natural-looking results.

Am I a Good Candidate for NeoGraft Light Therapy?

The best candidates for a NeoLTS laser hair restoration are men and women with thinning hair or areas in the scalp with no hair. This treatment is highly recommended for people who want to restore their hair without pain, discomfort, and downtime. NeoLTS is a great hair restoration method with no recovery time needed and no scarring.

Since NeoGraft light therapy is a non-invasive procedure, the best candidates are patients who are prepared to commit to a treatment program. Hair loss that has been experienced and untreated for a longer time will need more light therapy sessions to see results.

NeoGraft Device

Your NeoGraft Light Therapy Consultation

A NeoLTS laser hair restoration will involve an assessment of your hair loss, along with a discussion of your complete medical history and appearance goals. This will allow us to determine whether this treatment option is right for you.

We will also give you an overview of the treatment program. This will help set realistic expectations and ensure that you are prepared for the process.

The Treatment

NeoGraft light therapy hair restoration is an in-office treatment. The session begins with preparing your hair for the laser therapy. We will prepare the device, and you will be asked to wear eye protection, which we will provide.

Once you are comfortably positioned, we will position the LED lamp on the selected treatment area. Your scalp should remain under the LED lamp for 30 to 60 minutes, depending on our recommendation.

After Your Treatment Session

After this laser hair restoration treatment has been completed, you are free to resume your daily activities. Since a NeoGraft light therapy session involves light therapy, further exposure to light can damage the scalp. Avoid direct sun exposure for at least 4 weeks, and refrain from taking a hot bath or shower for 48 hours. Exercise, especially swimming, is not recommended in the first 48 hours.

Most patients undergo 2 sessions in the first week, but this will depend on our personalized treatment program for you.

Contact Us to Learn More

For more information on NeoGraft light therapy in San Antonio, contact Spa Black and schedule a consultation. We will be available to assess your hair concerns and provide the best hair restoration results.

Hair Restoration Before & After

Hair Restoration Before and After