IV Therapy

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One of the most powerful and effective ways we can restore these vital nutrients is through the use of Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Therapy, a heavily researched and scientifically tested therapy protocol designed to deliver the vitamins and nutrients your body so desperately needs directly into your bloodstream. This bypasses the stomach and affects all of your organs directly and efficiently.

What is it?

The use of IV Fluids (wither Normal Saline or Lactated Ringers) along with additives to restore feelings of vitality, burn fat, and increase energy. There is no substitute to being fully replenished ! When you get your mix of IV plus additives, you just feel and look better!

Who Administers it?

Our PA has been placing and administering IV’s for over 10 years!. She will suggest the “cocktail” you need! This is done sterilely and with confidence in a beautiful, relaxing setting. Fewer side effects with intravenous vitamin therapy because it bypasses the stomach and intestines. This means no upset stomach or intestinal problems like cramp, nausea, or diarrhea.

What makes IV Therapy so positively impactful?

Intravenous nutrient therapy treatments are highly customization in order to meet the unique needs of every individual patient. Whether you’re recovering from a major illness, struggling with issues like sleep deprivation or jet lag, experiencing chronic headaches, or anything in-between, an IV nutrient therapy solution can be tailored to your needs. This ensures that you receive the most beneficial and targeted vitamins, minerals and nutrients for your unique body and goals.

The potential benefits of IV Therapy are incredible and touch lives in many ways! But here are just a few of the powerful ways that IV Therapy from a qualified specialist can benefit you.

Vit C Heathy additive increases Skin glow and Immune system. This helps with autoimmune diseases as well.

Vit B Complex (Myers Cocktail

Post-Operation and Surgery Recovery

  • Feel Better after Surgery and get better faster
  • Fee: 99$ per 1 Liter Bag
  • Zero Additives-Standard Fluid
  • Each additional Bag $89

Metabolism Boosting and Weight Loss

  • Our metabolism booster works with your body to increase your metabolism and help with
  • Getting to your goals
  • Addiction Recovery and Detox
  • Improved Focus and Memory Therapy
  • Fighting the Effects of Aging
  • Improved Athletic Performance and Muscle Recovery
  • Stronger Immune System and Health

What Does It Treat?

As a vaginal rejuvenation treatment, this therapy can address a number of sexual health-related concerns many women share. In particular, this therapy is indicated for the treatment of vaginal relaxation syndrome. Vaginal relaxation syndrome is a common health concern that is characterized by a lax vaginal canal and loose vaginal tissues. Vaginal relaxation syndrome is caused by childbirth and aging.

Is IntimaLase® Safe?

Yes! Clinical studies have shown promising and long-lasting results from participants. However, it’s important to note individual results can vary. During a consultation, our professional can give you a realistic idea of your results.

Who Are Ideal Candidates?

Ideal candidates for this treatment include any women with vaginal relaxation syndrome or who would otherwise want to rejuvenate the structure of the vagina. Candidates for this treatment are not currently pregnant and have fully recovered from childbirth. We will make sure to evaluate you as a candidate for this treatment at your consultation.

Rejuvenate Your Most Intimate Area

There is no need to accept and simply live with concerns about your most intimate area. With the advantage of modern science, women now have access to treatments that allow them to live their fullest and best life. If you think IntimaLase® might be the right vaginal rejuvenation treatment for you, please feel free to speak with our professional at Spa Black in San Antonio, TX to find out for sure. We have a number of vaginal rejuvenation treatments available. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started!