Do You Look Angry and Tired? XEOMIN May Be Right for You!

When people look at us, they make decisions about us based solely on our appearance. It’s not always fair and the decisions they make about us are not always correct, but these decisions are what determine the way that people will interact with us. For example, if as a result of stress, aging and environmental factors, your face has a tired, worn out or even angry appearance, people are going to treat you negatively. You could be the nicest person in the world, but if when people look at you, they think that you’re always angry, they’re going to avoid you. When your boss looks at you and he thinks that you’re so tired and so worn out because of the work you’re doing, he may overlook you when it comes to a promotion or to giving out more responsibility. For this reason, many people have turned to XEOMIN® as a way to restore their facial appearance, to make them look more rested and to make them look happier.

XEOMIN® is one of the newest products to be approved by the FDA for cosmetic use. It serves as a viable alternative to BOTOX®. A person might ask, since BOTOX® is so popular, why is there a need for an alternative? BOTOX® contains an accessory protein in order to carry the powerful solution. Over time, the human body can build up a resistance to this protein, which diminishes the results a person gets when they use BOTOX® repeatedly. XEOMIN® does not have this accessory protein. As a result, the body does not build up a resistance to it. It can be used multiple times and still produce the same level of results. Also, there is no chance of people developing an allergic reaction.

XEOMIN® can be used for wrinkles on the forehead, around the nose and around the mouth. The results from using XEOMIN® will usually last from between three to six months. The product works by reducing the contractions the muscles in your face make when you smile or frown. This is because the contractions that your muscles make either from smiling or frowning are what give you dynamic wrinkles. These dynamic wrinkles are what can make you look tired or angry, even if you are the happiest, most well-rested person in the world.

Some may ask, since XEOMIN® is the newest product for this type of cosmetic procedure, is it safe? The answer is absolutely yes. Before receiving FDA approval in 2011, XEOMIN® went through multiple studies involving more than 500 people. The average age of the individuals involved in the study was 46 years. The product was assessed not only by the patient who received treatment, but also by the physician who oversaw the treatment. In both cases, the results were resoundingly positive.

XEOMIN® is an injectable procedure that is drastically changing the way people look and feel. XEOMIN® helps individuals make a good first impression on others and helps to improve the way they view themselves. Located in San Antonio, Spa Black proudly offers XEOMIN® injectables as a safe, effective, non-surgical way to look and feel happy and awake rather than angry and tired. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment to learn more about how XEOMIN® can benefit you.