DOT Fractional CO2 Therapy to Minimize Lines and Wrinkles

Everyone would like to have lovely, soft skin, but the unfortunate side to that coin is that most people have less than perfect complexions. Many things change skin over the years, such as sun damage, age, genetics, environment and a number of other things. All of these outside factors can cause visible changes in the skin like wrinkles, spots and uneven skin tone. The good news is there are cosmetic treatments available that are designed to correct these imperfections and restore a more even complexion that appears younger and more refreshed.

One of these treatments is DOT Fractional CO2 therapy at Spa Black. If you want to hold onto your age and keep the wrinkles at bay, DOT Fractional CO2 therapy can help. It can minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eyelid, under the eye, around the mouth, and in other areas that wrinkle. As an added benefit, it can also eliminate bags under the eyes and improve your overall complexion as well.

DOT Fractional CO2 therapy is not painful and there is virtually no downtime associated with treatment. You don’t have to worry about going back for a lot of treatments either since many other people find it efficient and effective for their needs. The procedure is great for those who want rapid healing, minimal downtime, and no surgical processes used. DOT Fractional CO2 therapy can be done on a number of areas at once so you can hit the spots around your eyes and mouth in one treatment.

Many patients see an immediate improvement in the collagen, which leads to tighter skin over all. They also see fine lines and wrinkles evening out as well as brown spots and other irregularities disappear. The improvement is immediate and gets better after a few weeks. As collagen production increases, your skin will continue to improve. If you have large pores or acne scars, this procedure can also help you with getting a fresher, more youthful skin tone.

If you’re interested in the skin rejuvenating effects of DOT Fractional CO2 Therapy, Spa Black can help. During your consultation, our medical team will discuss your aesthetic goals and concerns with you. Together, we’ll help create a treatment plan that’s right for you. At Spa Black, we offer different cosmetic treatments for facial rejuvenation. These treatments can help restore a more youthful appearance and a glowing, radiant complexion. Contact Spa Black today to schedule your consultation.