Eliminate Facial Wrinkles with XEOMIN

XEOMIN® is a new type of wrinkle treatment that is being used at our med spa in San Antonio. According to research, it can be quite effective for reducing the appearance of frown lines that sit between the eyebrows.

As you age, your skin loses elasticity, and you’ll start to experience a number of facial creases. Over time, these facial lines become permanent.

XEOMIN® can be an effective treatment because it’s very similar to BOTOX®. By relaxing the muscles, it’s able to temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The injections are safe and don’t take long to complete. This injectable can even be used for moderate and severe frown lines.

How XEOMIN® Works

This product is used to fix facial wrinkles. Like BOTOX®, it must be injected into specific areas of the face, and it will cause select muscles to relax. XEOMIN® limits the target muscles from being able to contract fully, which produces a smoothing effect for the muscles.

The treatment can be especially effective for frown lines. This treatment is very similar to BOTOX® because once it has been injected into the target facial muscles, it will prevent the muscles from fully contracting.

However, it doesn’t affect facial muscles that don’t receive an injection. It’s important to know that the effects aren’t instantaneous. After the procedure, you’ll notice gradual results, and you might have to wait a week to see the full benefits of the procedure.

The Latest Treatment for Facial Wrinkles and Lines

XEOMIN® is the newest injectable for the treatment of wrinkles. Since it’s very similar to BOTOX®, it can effectively treat dynamic wrinkles. Some examples of dynamic wrinkles are furrows that sit between the eyebrows, fine lines that develop near the eyes and forehead lines.

Depending on your appearance, this injectable has the potential to give you dramatic results. By relaxing the target muscles, it can make you look younger and more attractive.

The biggest difference between XEOMIN® and similar products is the molecular structure. Unlike BOTOX® and Dysport®, this new product doesn’t contain protein additives.

The major benefit of this difference is for patients who’ve stopped responding to BOTOX® treatments. A number of patients develop antibodies for BOTOX®, which can render the treatments ineffective. Since it doesn’t have the same protein additives, XEOMIN® can be used to solve this problem.

What Does It Treat?

This procedure can treat crow’s feet, forehead lines and frown lines. It works best for dynamic facial wrinkles. The benefits from the procedure can last anywhere from three to six months. If you’ve received BOTOX® treatments and they’re no longer effective for you, XEOMIN® is an ideal solution. However, even if you’ve never received BOTOX® or Dysport® injections, you should still see benefits from XEOMIN®.

Learn More During a Consultation

A premier spa in the San Antonio area, Spa Black proudly offers XEOMIN® treatments for patients seeking to eliminate facial wrinkles. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about how this injectable can benefit you.