Everything You Need to Know About BOTOX

BOTOX® has been used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet for over 15 years now. At Spa Black, we have carefully mastered the art of offering first class services that ensure our customers walk away feeling content. If you have any problems with wrinkles appearing on your forehead, you can trust our med spa in San Antonio to offer you the most fulfilling experience that removes all your fine lines with BOTOX®.

A Closer Look

BOTOX® is a drug used to remove wrinkles within the shortest time possible and the effects can last for more than three months. It is also preferred by lots of patients as it can be used on any part of your face or even between the eyebrows.

You can always trust BOTOX® will be an effective treatment because it is administered by injecting the solution directly into the muscles. It works by lowering activities in your tissue that cause fine lines and wrinkles to emerge. Moreover, you have more reasons to trust the use of BOTOX® as it has been administered to more than 12 million patients since its inception in 2002. Customer reviews reveal more than 95% of clients are satisfied with the results and experience.

How Does it Work?

BOTOX® works by signaling the nerves within the muscles to relax. As a result, the injected muscles fail to contract, which causes the wrinkles to soften. The forehead and areas around the eyes are some of the familiar places we treat at Spa Black. Most importantly, BOTOX® is effective for eliminating wrinkles no matter the cause or location of the fine lines.

The Procedure

It takes only a few minutes to get BOTOX® injected into the affected areas, and it does not require anesthesia. Although the effect of the procedure is almost instant, you are likely to notice improved results after seven days. Patients are always advised to stay off alcohol and aspirin during this time.

How Long Does BOTOX® Last? 

Depending on the condition of the wrinkles, an injection can last for four months, but we have heard of clients who have experienced the effects even after six months.

If you are interested in this anti-aging treatment or would like more information, contact our med spa in San Antonio to schedule your consultation today!