Facial Resurfacing with DOT Fractional CO2 Therapy

Women and men who want to minimize skin problems like acne, fine lines, deep wrinkles and scarring from surgery or injury will often choose CO2 laser skin therapy for skin resurfacing. However, the discomfort levels can be high because it usually involves destroying an entire layer of skin.

This leads to prolonged redness and, sometimes, swelling which can take a significant amount of time to heal. It’s also hard to use old CO2 lasers to treat areas like the neck and lower neckline on women because these areas do not heal as satisfactorily as the face. DOT Fractional CO2 therapy can remedy all these problems.

What is DOT Fractional CO2 Therapy?

CO2 DOT Therapy (Dermal Optical Thermolysis) is one of the newest and most innovative skin resurfacing treatments available today. It works by scanning the area for treatment and arranging microscopic ‘dots’ in a column pattern. Then the CO2 laser is then directed into the skin through these ‘dots.’

When the skin absorbs the CO2 energy, it almost immediately tightens. The body interprets the effects of the CO2 laser into the skin as a minor injury. This entices the body to start producing collagen, which is a connective tissue protein naturally produced by the body that is beneficial for keeping skin tight, supple and young looking. The more we age, the less collagen is produced by the body.

Key Benefits of DOT Fractional CO2 Therapy

Since the CO2 laser beam is not absorbed by the skin between the DOT pattern, the skin heals much faster than when conventional skin resurfacing therapy is used. The versatility of the CO2 lasers offers our physicians the capability to treat delicate areas of the face and body like the neck, lower neck, eyelids, and hands. It only takes about three to five days for complete healing to take place.

The DOT Fractional CO2 Therapy procedure is safer, more precise and takes less time for each session than regular laser treatments. Our physicians can customize the treatments based on an individual patient’s need because of the superior capabilities of the lasers we use. The intensity of the laser beam and how deeply the lasers penetrate the skin are key factors that can be altered depending on the mildness or severity of the skin problem.

Since the discomfort associated with treatment is very minimal, there is no need for any sedation. There are no adverse reactions with DOT Fractional CO2 Therapy; the topical anesthetic we use before treatment has a very low risk of causing allergic reactions in anyone. There is no risk of any bleeding taking place.

Precautions to Take

After a DOT Fractional CO2 Therapy session, the skin will be red; similar to a sunburn. A hydrating lotion should be used on the area to promote the healing process. Usually, makeup can be worn again in about three days.

General skin care routines should be followed after treatment. Sunscreen should regularly be worn and direct sunlight should be avoided if at all possible to prevent skin damage and speed up the healing process.

At Spa Black Laser Lipo and Cellulite Therapy, our team of highly trained staff can help you decide if DOT Fractional CO2 Therapy is right for you. Dr. Jeneby will also be able to answer any questions or concerns you might have. If you are considering DOT Fractional CO2 Therapy, contact us today to schedule a consultation.