Facial Resurfacing With IPL Treatments

Various light beam treatments have been approved for use in the treatment of skin problems. One of the most effective of these procedures involves the use of multi-wavelength pulsed light. Known as Intense Pulsed Light or IPL, this treatment option targets a specific area of the skin, usually a blemish, acne scar, or wrinkled region on the face or neck. People who suffer from sun-induced skin problems such as brown pigmentation, age spots, and broken blood capillaries are the best candidates for this type of procedure. We recommend this type of skin healing technique for anyone who experiences age- or sun-related damage to their facial skin.

How IPL Works

A small handheld device is used for this type of treatment. The device emits intense beams of light in several carefully chosen wavelengths. Different wavelengths of light carry different amounts of energy, so the pattern chosen depends on the condition being treated and therefore on how much heat needs to be applied.

The device is placed directly onto the skin surface. The pulsed light beams penetrate through the layers of skin, effectively removing damaged cells without affecting the sensitive tissue below. Most procedures take only about 20 minutes to perform.

What the Patient Should Expect

Because this technique involves heat treatment, our patients are counseled on the physical symptoms during their consultation with us. Before the session begins, we often place a cooling gel on the area to be treated. This lessens any feelings of pain associated with the intense light beams. Depending on the sensitivity of the individual’s skin, we may recommend the use of a topical anesthetic the day before the procedure is performed.

During the light pulse treatment, the patient may experience a bit of stinging, but this is temporary and will not continue beyond the end of the session. The patient wears dark glasses similar to those worn in a tanning salon. A series of treatments is scheduled, usually about a month apart. Most patients complete their treatment after about four or five sessions.

A Non-Invasive Alternative

Some individuals have very sensitive skin and can experience negative reactions when certain resurfacing techniques are used. For example, laser peels and laser vaporizing methods can produce a rash. Although the IPL treatment does involve rather strong light beams, the device used targets a particular area, usually quite small, and the surrounding tissue suffers no damage.

Surface skin is affected by the IPL treatment. This is no different than a slight sunburn. The dry skin peels away in just a day or two. There is no actual downtime after the session is complete. We may recommend using a cooling salve for a day or two, but regular activities can be resumed almost at once.

Are You A Candidate For IPL Treatment?

The older one gets, the more likely the skin on the face and neck becomes affected by the environment. Sunlight and airborne pollutants are two major causes of dark pigmentation, age spots, and wrinkles. Those who have rosacea are particularly susceptible to damaged skin from sun exposure. The IPL treatment we perform is one of the most effective ways to minimize damaged skin and encourage the growth of healthier cells. Contact Spa Black today to learn more and to schedule your IPL consultation.