Five Things You Must Know About Belotero Balance

Reaching old age is a blessing, but the physical effects it has on the body can be frustrating. It’s always a concern when you start noticing some changes to your body, especially wrinkles, smile lines, or other folds on your face. Belotero Balance® has come to put your worries about wrinkles to rest due to its effectiveness in smoothing the skin. This cosmetic treatment involves injecting fillers to smooth wrinkles and etched-in lines on the face. Below are five important facts you should know about this treatment.

Belotero Balance® Helps to Avoid Some Surgical Treatments

Surgical procedures are effective, but most patients would rather go for equally effective nonsurgical treatments. Belotero Balance® can help in treating small lines and deep creases, just like facial plastic surgery. The method works well in solving nasolabial folds, fine lines above the lips, and even filling the hollow parts under the eyes. Using these fillers can save you the cost and challenges facial surgeries can come with.

The Fillers Can Last up to Six Months

One of the things that makes this treatment affordable and convenient is that the results usually last up to six months before patients need another injection. The longevity of these fillers may vary from one individual to another, but patients usually expect long-lasting results.

Fast Recovery

Belotero Balance® is a fit for almost every person, regardless of their occupational schedules. This is a nonsurgical procedure that only involves injecting fillers into the required area. Once the process is done, patients can go on with their normal lives without the need to stay home for recovery. It takes between 15 and 20 minutes (the time may vary depending on the number of areas being injected) to receive the injections, which is convenient for people with busy work lives.

Belotero Balance® is Unique Compared to Other Fillers

Although Belotero Balance® uses hyaluronic acid fillers, just like Restylane® and JUVÉDERM® treatments, its mixture is very unique. The main advantage is that with Belotero Balance®, patients do not experience lumpy and puffy looks after the injection. This treatment also helps to avoid the bluish tinge sometimes common with other fillers.

Consultation is Critical

Having one of our qualified professionals examine you before undergoing a Belotero Balance® injection is crucial. This helps to prevent any risks that may arise due to various health conditions, such as allergies. If our doctors give you the go-ahead, then you should look forward to a trouble-free treatment.

Make Belotero Balance® your solution to wrinkles and other cosmetic problems. We are ready to guide you and answer all your questions at Spa Black Laser Lipo and Cellulite Therapy. Contact one of our offices, conveniently located in San Antonio, TX, to schedule your consultation today!