Get a Summer Glow Year Round with South Seas Sunless Tanning

As the cold winds blow and the chilly air sends you inside to stay warm, you have dreams of the beach. You can’t wait for the long days of summer when you can feel the sun on your face again. You want that golden tan that makes you look and feel alive. You can have that vibrant, summer glow all year round. You don’t even have to spend your days in a tanning bed.

With South Seas sunless tanning, you can have beautiful, bronze skin that looks authentic and won’t do any damage to your skin. Look your best and make the healthy choice at the same time with South Seas sunless tanning.

Experience the Difference of South Seas Sunless Tanning
A typical tan means subjecting your skin to the intense light of the sun or a tanning bed. You know how dangerous UV rays are when it comes to your health.

The same could be said of the powerful lights used in tanning salons as well. When you bake yourself to bronze your skin, you open yourself up to a risk of serious problems when you get older.

Not only will you bring about premature aging with blemishes and wrinkles brought on by sun damage, you could develop skin cancer. South Seas sunless tanning helps you to take the safe and effective path to a beautiful tan that will turn heads everywhere you go.

How Does a South Seas Sunless Tan Work?

South Seas sunless tanning products interact with the cells on the surface of your skin, causing them to change color. Since you are losing dead, skin cells on a daily basis, you’ll actually shed your tan in about a week after you get it. Depending on how you care for your skin, it might last a little longer.

A South Seas sunless tan may be sprayed all over your body as it is evenly applied in a mist. It also may contain other nourishing ingredients that are good for your skin.

You may be advised to hold off on showering or swimming for at least eight hours after your tan is applied for the best results. You may not see the full color develop until the following day.

You have options for how dark you want your tan to be, from a light bronze to a dark, golden tone that will make it look like you’ve been at the Bahamas for a week.

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