Get Darker Eyelashes with Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash tinting is simply dying one’s eyelashes. The dye used can be permanent or temporary. Black is the most popular color used, and other common choices include chestnut, brown and blue-black. The results of an eyelash tinting are instantaneous.

Why Get Eyelash Tinting?

Dark, full eyelashes are considered to be a beautiful trait in society. Many women who don’t have naturally dark eyelashes seek out products at the store to try to make their eyelashes appear darker.

However, the daily hassle of applying mascara and other beauty products can become tedious. Because of this, many women choose to get eyelash tinting as a way to more permanently enhance the color of their lashes without the need for the daily application.

How is It Done?

It’s very similar to applying mascara; the specialist uses a disposable wand similar to that used for mascara. A different wand is generally used for each eye. The specialist will also use petroleum jelly or a similar product to keep the tint from getting onto the client’s skin.

Depending on the brand of tint used, the specialist may apply a color developer; some brands don’t require this step. The specialist will then wipe off any residue. If properly done, eyelash tinting should not cause stinging or any other discomfort.

Permanent tints last one to three months, but they can last longer if the client avoids oil-based wipes, moisturizers or cleansers, which will dissolve the tints.

Even so, eyelashes do grow and eventually fall out, so the tint will fade over time. The procedure takes minimal time.

How Safe is It?

When performed by a competent esthetician, eyelash tinting is quite safe. The safest dyes are vegetable-based. People who are allergic to henna or hair dye containing para-phenylenediamine will probably have an allergic reaction to eyelash tints.

People with sensitive eyes should rinse their eyes with saline or lubricating eye drops after the procedure. People who wear contact lenses should take them out before getting their lashes tinted and then put them back in the next day.

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