Get Glowing Skin for 2016 with Fotona Dynamis Laser Treatment

Laser resurfacing has undergone a number of amazing advances in recent years, but few pieces of technology have improved these cosmetic treatments as much as the Fontona Dynamis.

This new type of laser has given cosmetic specialists unprecedented control over altering a patient’s skin to look years younger. Here is a look at just a few of the cosmetic issues that these lasers can treat and what you can do to prepare for your own appointment.

A Closer Look at Our Aging Skin

While practically everyone is going to notice the signs of aging at some point, our skin is actually incredibly resilient.

Many of us subject our skin to quite a bit of damage over the years, and it is not until much later that cosmetic issues begin to take place.

This includes lines around one’s eyes, forehead wrinkles, acne scars, large pores, and pigmented lesions.

When you do begin to notice these issues, however, removing them without professional help is nearly impossible.

These are just some of the reasons that millions of patients have turned to non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as Fontona Dynamis laser resurfacing to look and feel years younger.

How Does Laser Resurfacing Work?

Lasers have been used by surgeons for over 30 years to treat many of the cosmetic problems that seem to be an inevitable part of aging.

These lasers operate at a very specific wavelength to safely remove layers of skin. When the damaged and aging skin has been removed, the new skin that grows underneath is often much more toned and youthful in appearance.

While this is not a permanent solution to all of these cosmetic issues, patients that properly care for their skin will potentially be able to enjoy their new appearance for years after the treatment.

Preparing for Your Appointment

It is vital that patients prepare for the Fontona Dynamis treatment in order to enjoy the best results. As with all other cosmetic treatments, this begins with comprehensive screening so that our surgeon can uncover any medical issues that could affect your recovery.

All patients will need to tell the surgeon about any prescription or medication that they are taking as well as their personal medical history.

Recovering from Laser Resurfacing Treatments

Your recovery will depend on a number of variables including the amount of skin that was resurfaced and how rigidly you stick to your aftercare instructions. During the healing process, your healthy, toned, and firm new skin will become visible.

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