Get Pampered with a Professional Facial

These days, many people are interested in getting their skin in absolutely amazing condition. With that thought in mind, it’s a good idea to pamper yourself or a loved one with a professional facial during the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

At Spa Black, we love to pamper our clients by offering the best service for all of our professional treatments. There is no better time than now to try one of our professional facials for rejuvenated, glowing skin. You can treat yourself or a loved one for an experience they won’t soon forget. Our trained staff can offer insight as to the best treatment plan for your skin, and we’ll provide a customized plan to give you the best results. Contact Spa Black today to schedule your consultation or stop by our San Antonio spa.

Facials: The Basics

A facial is a process that cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion, and can help your skin look younger. Interestingly, facials are the second most popular treatment to attain from a spa (massages are number one). To get the best results from a facial, it’s important to make them a part of an on-going, long-term skin care program.

Steps to Getting a Facial

The first step in your facial process is a consultation. During the consultation, an esthetician will likely request that you fill out a form that details important information such as your diet, supplementation, amount of water consumption, skin concerns, and current skin care regime. All of these answers can determine what type of treatment the esthetician recommends.

The second step in the facial process is cleansing. Once the esthetician has wrapped your hair away from your face with a headband or towel, she or he will start the facial by thoroughly cleansing your skin with cotton pads, sponges, or wipes. Next, the esthetician will perform a skin analysis. This will involve covering your eyes and carefully examining your skin with the use of a magnifying lamp. This process is completed so the esthetician can determine your skin type- oily, dry, sensitive, combination, normal – as well as any skin conditions that you have – dehydration, sun-damage, aging, whiteheads, blackheads, acne. Once the esthetician has made these determinations, she or he will select the ideal treatments and products and then consult with you regarding the recommendations.

The next step in the facial process is the use of steam. In most cases, the facial will incorporate the utilization of a machine which gently directs thin vapors of steam to the skin of your face. This process facilitates relaxation and can also help soften any whiteheads or blackheads that will be extracted. However, estheticians might forego use of steam in the event that a client has extremely sensitive skin.

The next component in the facial process will be extraction. During this process, whiteheads and blackheads will be removed from the face. It is important to note that different people have different levels of tolerance for pain. Keep in mind that the extraction component of the facial process can generate discomfort, especially if an individual has ruddy or thin skin.

The final steps of the facial will involve the application of a facial mask. This process will be followed by the application of a toner, serum, moisturizer, or sunscreen.

Summing It All Up

As made plain by the information listed above, professional facial masks are very thorough procedures that can get your skin in absolutely amazing condition. If you’re ready to get pampered for Valentine’s Day, getting a professional facial is definitely a good way to do so!