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While there are many types of facials, they tend to fall into two broad categories: medical and spa. Medical facials are designed to treat skin conditions such as rosacea. They are administered by medical professionals at a clinic or a medical spa.

The treatments offered are typically stronger than those offered in spa facials. Pampering and relaxation are the main points of spa facials.

What is a Signature Facial?

A signature facial is a type of spa facial. Its main characteristic is that our practitioners use products and/or techniques unique to Spa Black.

The products, for instance, could be made from natural ingredients taken from the spa’s locale. Other signature facials are designed to address problems caused by the local climate or environment.

Signature facials can also borrow aspects of the local culture. In some Western states, signature facials can incorporate elements from Native American rituals. In other spas, signature facials might borrow techniques taken from Thai or Indian traditions.

Signature facials can be offered by themselves or in conjunction with other services like massages or pedicures.

What Does a Signature Facial Involve?

Since signature facials tend to be more personalized than standard facials, the practitioner typically starts by analyzing the client’s skin to better understand the client’s skin type.

The client may ask questions and/or make requests. The facial itself generally involves the following steps: cleansing, exfoliation and mask.

Cleansing is what it sounds like: the practitioner cleans the client’s face to remove toxins and oils. Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells.

It can involve either the use of one of the milder chemical peels or an abrasive. Microdermabrasion is an example of exfoliation that uses an abrasive. Other examples may include body scrubs and salt glows.

The facial mask is probably the best-known step of the process, and it will be tailored to the client’s skin type. A person with dry skin will be given a mask that rehydrates it. A client with rosacea may get a mask that reduces redness, and so forth.

Facial masks are made from a variety of ingredients that could include mud, aloe vera, algae, massage oils or herbs. This relaxing experience will keep you coming back for more.

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