How Permanent Is Laser Hair Removal?

The constant cycle of hair regrowth and hair removal can become annoying. All that time wasted shaving, plucking, waxing, and using expensive hair removal creams all just so the hair can reemerge and need to be dealt with all over again. With laser hair removal, you can stop that cycle and have smooth skin free of unwanted hair. Here at Spa Black in San Antonio, TX, we can help!


How Permanent Is Laser Hair Removal?

With a certain number of treatments that will depend entirely on the individual, laser hair removal can be permanent. The idea is to stop the cycle of hair regrowth at the source, removing all the pigment from the hair to thin it out to the point where it no longer grows back. While one person may only need 3-5 treatments for their hair to no longer return, another person may need as many as 10 treatments before the hair stops returning.

During your initial consultation, our experts may be able to give you an idea of how many treatment sessions you might need before the hair regrowth stops permanently. If the hair would begin to come back after a period, you can always have additional touchup treatments to maintain your results.

The Benefits of Treatment

There are more benefits to this type of treatment than simply being free of unwanted hair. There are a number of other common issues you will no longer have to deal with and many benefits of this type of treatment in particular.

Quick, Painless Treatment

This form of hair removal is so popular because the treatment is quick and painless. Plus, you aren’t going to see hair grow back for a long time, and longer still if you have more treatment sessions that may cause the cycle of hair regrowth to end permanently.

No More Razor Burn

Razor burn is a common issue for many who rely on shaving alone when it comes to hair removal. Razor burn can be unsightly and uncomfortable. This type of treatment is going to keep you free from having to deal with this highly uncomfortable concern.

Smooth Skin

Getting rid of unwanted hair to reveal smooth skin is the goal for many. This type of treatment is going to remove that unwanted hair and leave you with smooth skin all year round!

No Irritation

Many other types of irritation can arise from other forms of hair removal such as redness, itchiness, and more. You are not going to have any of those kinds of issues with this type of treatment. You will be rid of any unwanted hair and also be free of dealing with any irritation it might cause.

What To Expect During Treatment

After your consultation, you will come in for your treatment session where the device will be used on the area or areas you want to have treated. The highly concentrated laser will be used on those areas for a time and then your session will be concluded. From start to finish, depending on the surface area of where you want hair removal, will take about 30 minutes to an hour.

After your session is over, you can go on with your day as usual. You do not have to be worried about any downtime! It really is that quick and simple.

Treatable Areas

There are many areas that can be treated since this is both a gentle and effective form of treatment for removing unwanted hair.

The Legs

This is one of the most popular treatment areas. Shaving, waxing, and other forms of hair removal can take a lot of time when it comes to the leg region. With this type of treatment, you can get rid of unwanted hair and get back all the time and energy you spent dealing with it in the past. You’ll be left with smooth legs.

The Upper Lip Region

This is another popular area where people opt to have this kind of treatment. Hair on the upper lip area can be painful to have waxed over and over again. With this treatment, you’ll never have to be concerned with painful waxing treatments again.

Under the Arms

Bumps and redness are a common concern when using other forms of hair removal under the arms. This type of treatment will rid you of that pain and frustration!

The Bikini Line

If you have suffered from razor burn in this area in the past, you know how big of a hassle it can be. With this type of hair removal, you can get rid of that unwanted hair without any pain or redness. And, you can be bikini ready no matter what time it is.

The Back

Excessive amounts of hair on the back can be embarrassing and quite difficult to deal with using any other means of hair removal. This treatment is going to get rid of that unwanted hair and leave you with lasting confidence.

Other Areas

If you do have others where you would like to consider laser hair removal, please feel free to bring those areas up during your consultation. Our experts will let you know if those areas can also benefit from this kind of treatment.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. Does It Hurt?

No, unlike other forms of hair removal such as waxing where you’re going to feel the pain of the hair actually being plucked, there is no pain associated with this type of treatment. The laser is highly concentrated and focuses solely on the hair follicle. You do not have to worry about any kind of pain when it comes to this type of treatment.

2. Is This Type of Treatment Safe?

Yes. This type of treatment is perfectly safe and is even approved by the FDA. You do not have to have any concerns for your safety with this kind of treatment.

3. Is This Kind of Treatment Only for Women?

No. This kind of treatment is for any person who wishes to remove unwanted hair from various regions on the body and both men and women can enjoy the benefits of this type of treatment.

4. How Do I Know if It’s Right for Me?

If you are somebody who wants to get rid of unwanted hair, it is likely that this is a great treatment option for you. During your consultations, our experts will evaluate your goals and expectations to determine whether or not this is a good treatment option for you. Odds are, it is!

5. How Do I Prepare for Treatment?

Actually, you are going to want to kind of do the opposite of “prepare” for this kind of treatment. To get the best results, it is a good idea to let the unwanted hair grow in the area or areas you want to have treated. This is going to help the laser target the hair follicles while they are in various stages of growth, making the treatment even more effective.

If there would happen to be anything else you should do before you come in for your treatment session, our experts will be sure to let you know as they want you to get the most out of this kind of treatment.

6. What Do I Need To Do After My Treatment Session?

It’s advisable to avoid direct sunlight in the 24 hours following your treatment or to simply wear sunblock if that can’t be avoided. Other than that, you should be good to go. Our experts will be there every step of the way to make sure that you are kept informed and comfortable from start to finish. If there would be something extra you would need to do, they will let you know.

7. Can It Damage My Skin?

Absolutely not. The laser that is used is so highly concentrated that it focuses only on the hair follicle and does nothing to the surrounding skin. You do not have to worry about skin damage with this kind of treatment. Unlike other types of hair removal, you also will not have to worry about constant irritation and redness that is left behind.

8. What if I Have Really Thick Hair?

Even if you do have hair that lands on the thicker side, it is still likely that you can benefit from this kind of treatment. The laser works to remove the pigment from the hair follicle, essentially killing the hair before it has the chance to begin the cycle of regrowth. With thicker hair, you may need more treatment sessions but will notice that hair is much thinner after just one treatment.

9. Can I Have Multiple Areas Treated During the Same Session?

Yes! You can have multiple areas treated during the same session. For example, if you want this treatment on your legs and your underarms, that can be done in the same treatment. Be sure to let our professionals know all of the areas you wish to have this treatment and they will work with you to make sure that you are satisfied with the treatment.

10. How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This is going to be different from person to person. While one person may achieve their desired results after only a couple of sessions, it may take more for another person. This is going to be dependant on a number of factors including hair color and hair thickness. After our experts consult with you, they may be better able to give you an idea of how many sessions you may need.

11. How Long Do I Have To Wait In Between Treatments?

Again, this might be different from person to person but on average, you can have this type of treatment every 4-8 weeks. It is sometimes better to wait longer than the 4-week mark though to ensure that the hair has begun a new cycle of regrowth so that the treatment can stop the cycle at the source. Our experts will be able to let you know exactly how long you should wait between sessions to get the best result.

Experience the Freedom From Unwanted Hair Today

Plucking, shaving, waxing, and other methods of other types of hair removal can be painful and often leave behind irritation that can last for days. With laser hair removal, you can be free of unwanted hair and have smooth skin without fear of irritation. If being free from unwanted hair sounds like something you are interested in, come see us today at Spa Black in San Antonio, TX