How to Get Rid of Birthmark with IPL Therapy

brown birthmark

Intense pulsed light treatment, or IPL therapy, is used by medical and cosmetic practitioners to treat a wide range of skin problems. It is useful for both therapeutic and aesthetic purposes like to get brown birthmark, and treats such conditions as sun damage, skin pigmentation, acne and veins. IPL therapy can help reduce the appearance of many blemishes, allowing you to improve your appearance without surgery.

Some of the blemishes that are most often removed by IPL therapy are acne scars, port wine stains, scars, freckles, hair birthmark and age spots. The light emits a range of wavelengths in each pulse. Our specialist aims these pulses to the blemishes in the skin that are a different color than the surrounding skin. The dermis is targeted and the epidermis is not affected.

Birthmarks are usually red or brown. If they are visible on the body, they can be a source of embarrassment and a constant drain on self-confidence. Red birthmarks consist of many tiny blood vessels. Brown birthmarks consist of melanin, a brown pigment. They both come in various shapes and sizes and can appear on any part of the body. Birthmarks on the face cause the most concern, and IPL therapy has revolutionized the treatment.

Red birthmarks are often called port wine stains. The IPL treatment progressively shrinks the blood vessels. The birthmark gradually fades. Several treatments are usually required. Flat birthmarks are often easier to remove than raised ones, although raised ones can be removed.

Brown birthmarks can also be effectively treated with IPL therapy. The most common brown birthmark is called Café au Lait. It is flat, light brown in color and has a definite shape. After the treatment, the area will look blotchy for a few hours. The birthmark actually darkens for a while, then the pigment washes off and it is lighter. If the results are not optimal, the patient can have another treatment.

IPL therapy is less invasive than chemical peels. This means that you have virtually no recovery time. To achieve the desired results, you may need up to six sessions. The light waves convert to heat and the blood vessels in hair birthmark heat up, as does the pigment in brown birthmarks. When the skin becomes hot enough, the blood vessels collapse and the melanin gradually flakes away.

If you or your family member want to to get rid of birthmark, IPL therapy at Spa Black in San Antonio may be the best option for making it fade from view. The procedure is quick and safe, even for young children. During a consultation with our specialist, your birthmark can be diagnosed and the best course of treatment will be recommended. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to learn more.