IPL for Rosacea

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If you are one of the approximately 16 million Americans who suffer from ipl for rosacea, Spa Black of San Antonio may have the treatment you have been looking for: Intense Pulsed Light Therapy,or IPL.

Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes redness in the face. It can also cause small, pus-filled bumps. It can happen to anyone, but it tends to be more common for middle-aged women, especially those with fairer skin. In some people, it can be mistaken for acne. Rosacea tends to occur in flares, and if left untreated, it can worsen. While there is no cure for rosacea, there are treatments that can help. IPL is an option for many rosacea sufferers.

IPL is sometimes known as Photofacial or Photorejuvenation, and it is an excellent way to achieve results for many common skin concerns without having to worry about post-treatment care. IPL uses pulses of light to concentrate treatment directly on the areas and problems that need improvement or correction, without any damage to surrounding skin. This means there is no downtime following treatment and little to no side effects.

While certain medications can be helpful in the treatment of basic symptoms of rosacea, recent studies have shown that laser therapy, including IPL, can be of significant help for more difficult symptoms — severe redness, visible blood vessels, and the skin flushing that can occur with flares. IPL therapy for rosacea can be more successful because this particular treatment generates a broader spectrum of light than some other lasers, which means a broader area of tissue can be treated. IPL is non-invasive, non-ablative and very gentle, so there are little to no side effects associated with the treatment.

The procedure is very simple and is done right here in the comfort of our San Antonio Medical Spa. Our trained medical spa professionals know the correct way to use IPL so that there is little to no discomfort for you. When you arrive for your treatment, you will be given protective goggles — this is important because this is a light-based therapy, so your eyes must be protected. A cooling gel is applied to your skin (if needed) and the treatment begins. The procedure generally lasts between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on how large an area is being treated and also if this is your initial treatment or a later one.

Most patients will need more than one treatment to see the best and longest-lasting results. The time needed for treatments will lessen with each visit. Plus, results from IPL are very long-lasting. Some people have reported clearer, less problematic skin for up to eight years.

To determine if IPL for rosacea is right for you, call our San Antonio office today and make a consultation appointment. Our trained professionals will answer your questions about IPL and rosacea or any of the other medical spa treatments that we offer.