IPL Therapy for Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea is not a serious medical condition, but the appearance of redness on the face certainly leads to self-consciousness. No one wants to look as though they have some sort of medical condition. Many different treatments are available to help create new skin growth that can diminish the outward visual signs of rosacea, injury scars and age spots, but some of these treatments are rather harsh.

A great non-surgical alternative available at our med spa in San Antonio is Intense Pulsed Light therapy. Abbreviated as IPL, this technique involves the use of broad-spectrum light waves. The energy from the light can actually stimulate new tissue growth without causing damage to the support tissues that lie beneath the skin. We encourage you to learn more about this affordable outpatient procedure.

Rosacea and Other Skin Conditions

Discolorations in the skin can occur just beneath the epidermis or further down in the lower layers. In most cases, the hyperpigmented regions, age spots or injury scars seem permanent because the dividing cells reproduce themselves almost exactly. The same is true with rosacea.

Abrasive resurfacing techniques often involve the use of chemicals or harsh crystals. These can actually cause other regions of discoloration in the skin. On the other hand, IPL induces healthy skin growth and increased collagen production without the need for chemicals or surgery.

How IPL Works

The instrument used in this treatment is a special lamp. Unlike a laser, the IPL instrument produces a broad range of light frequencies. The layers of skin each have a unique structure, composition and density. Depending on the density and tone of the tissue, certain light frequencies will be absorbed while others pass right through the tissue.

The IPL instrument allows the dermatologist to focus light energy on a particular layer of skin or underlying tissue. The rapid pulses of light are absorbed by the targeted tissue. The capillaries constrict a bit as does the collagen. The body responds by sending nutrients to the affected areas. Over the next few weeks – and usually after multiple repeated sessions – the newer, healthier skin growth is apparent. Rosacea and other discolorations become less visible.

Things to Consider

No special pre-treatment regimen need be undertaken by the client. The instrument is calibrated to deliver the desired set of wavelengths, and it is placed directly onto the skin surface. The lamp is flashed for a few milliseconds. The sensation is one of slight stinging, but no serious discomfort is felt.

No downtime is required after treatment. The client can resume normal activities immediately. In most cases, a series of treatment sessions are scheduled over a period of a month or more.

Contact Us to Get All the Facts

If you are concerned about how rosacea is affecting your appearance, you don’t need to resign yourself to surgical treatments. Our spa in San Antonio has got you covered. Schedule a consultation at Spa Black to learn more about how IPL therapy can even out your skin tone, take years off your appearance and significantly diminish the visual appearance of rosacea and other discolorations. Contact us today to book your appointment!