Laser Lipo: Consider Fotona TightLase for Reducing Cellulite

When it comes to shaping your body, you’ve done everything right. You exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet. You don’t overindulge, but you allow yourself the chance to eat what you want. You’ve learned that moderation is key and it’s paid off for the most part. Your figure looks good, except for one problem. You have cellulite. You can’t stand it every time you see it in the mirror. You’re so self-conscious that you hide behind baggy pants or big sweaters that hang down to your knees. You need a solution, but you are at your wit’s end. Think about laser lipo via the Fotona TightLase® system to reduce that cellulite and smooth your skin.

How Does Fotona TightLase® Work?

Fotona TightLase® is a type of laser lipo that can help you to combat unwanted cellulite. Those bulges of fat under the top layer of your skin can be so aggravating, making it look lumpy. Cellulite is common for people who are overweight, but it can affect everyone. You could be at your ideal weight and still suffer from cellulite.

The Fotona TightLase® laser lipo system goes to work to firm up your body, smooth your skin where you have cellulite, and tighten it up. A laser is applied to the surface of your skin. As it travels to the layer of fat that is causing your cellulite, it heats the affected area. The temperature is carefully controlled to ensure that you are not injured in any way. You shouldn’t feel any discomfort during the procedure, only a pleasant sensation of warmth. The warming effect makes your fat cells shrink. At the same time, it triggers the production of collagen. Your circulation improves as well. The end result is tighter skin that is smoother as well.

Why Choose Fotona TightLase® to Combat Cellulite?

When you choose this form of laser lipo to deal with your cellulite, you don’t have to undergo surgery. You don’t have to worry about a lengthy recovery. You’ll undergo a short procedure in the comfort of our med spa in San Antonio. It helps your body to naturally correct the problem caused by cellulite. When your collagen production increases and fat cells get smaller, the end result is a tighter and firmer body. Fotona TightLase® can help you to look the best you have in years when you eliminate or reduce cellulite on your body.

Look Your Best with a Little Help from Fotona TightLase®

This laser lipo procedure is a powerful solution when you are trying to sculpt your body. When your own efforts aren’t enough, consider using a laser to target problem areas on your physique. Our specialist at Spa Black can help you to pinpoint any cellulite on your body. The Fotona TightLase® laser lipo system is a safe and effective solution that can help you to eliminate those bothersome dimples caused by cellulite. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our med spa in San Antonio!