Leave Waxing in the Past with Male Laser Hair Removal

Male pattern hair growth can vary quite a bit from man to man, but there are certain patterns of hair growth that no man wants to have. Thick hair at the nape of the neck must be continuously groomed away to present a neat appearance. Many men are embarrassed by hair on the back, stomach, biceps or feet. Unruly beards that grow too high on the cheeks or extend down the neck also require constant grooming. If you’re tired of waxing away body hair and are ready to consider a permanent solution, laser hair removal is certainly a great option to explore.

Why Laser Hair Removal Works So Well for Men

The laser used to remove hair is calibrated to tell the difference between hair and skin by discerning the difference in color. As most men have coarse, thick hair that doesn’t closely match their skin tone, laser treatments are quite effective.

Another aspect of laser treatments that many men appreciate is the ability to thin hair without taking it all off. For example, if your chest hair grows high onto your shoulders, the laser can be used to thin it away so the hairline looks natural.

Finally, laser hair removal can be used almost anywhere on the body. If you’re tired of your athletic socks causing a painful rash on the tops of your feet or you are mortified by your need to have your back waxed, laser treatments will solve the problem permanently.

Understanding the Process

Human hair does not all grow at the same time. While some hair follicles will be active, others will be in a state of dormancy. Laser can only target follicles that are in an active growth cycle. This is what allows hair to be thinned or removed completely with multiple treatments. Most people can expect completely smooth results within 3 to 10 treatments. An appointment is usually finished in under an hour and you can go back to your normal routines immediately.

Say Goodbye to Waxing Today

If you are frustrated or embarrassed by your monthly wax appointments and are thinking about a permanent fix, laser hair removal works every bit as well for men as it does for women. Feel free to schedule a consultation at Spa Black in San Antonio to learn more about this incredible treatment. We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to book your appointment.