Look Younger Using IPL Therapy

Defying aging is the goal of almost everyone, but it is nearly impossible to do without some form of medical treatment. The age spots, fine lines and blemishes are going to show up at some point in your life. They are even harder to avoid if you have spent a lot of time in the sun during your life. The signs of aging on your skin can easily be removed at our med spa in San Antonio with a revolutionary treatment called intense pulsed light therapy, or IPL therapy.

Intense pulsed light therapy can treat aging skin on the face, arms, neck, legs and shoulders. The treatment can also remove sun spots and reduce the signs of rosacea. Intense pulsed light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses photo rejuvenation to repair the skin. Pulses of laser light will penetrate the skin and cause the blood vessels below the skin to constrict. The process will also help promote the growth of collagen in the skin. All of this works to gradually reduce your signs of aging and sun damage over a short period of time.
Once you come into Spa Black for intense pulsed light therapy, you will be given a pair of protective glasses. A cooling gel will then be applied to the areas of your skin that are getting treated with the laser light. Our specialist will then use a special device to deliver the intense pulses of laser light on your damaged skin.

You should start to see noticeable results after a series of IPL therapy sessions at our office, but you may require more or less sessions to get the best results. The exact number of treatment sessions needed will be determined on an individual basis. A detailed description of your treatment plan will be discussed when you come to our office for your consultation.

One of the best things about fixing your damaged skin with IPL therapy at our med spa in San Antonio is that there is very little recovery time associated with the procedure. You may notice some redness on your skin immediately after leaving our office, but this redness should go away after a few hours. The lack of side effects will allow you to return to work quickly.

If you are in the San Antonio area and are looking to restore your damaged skin, then an IPL therapy session at Spa Black may be the solution to all of your problems. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about this revolutionary procedure.