Melt Away Unwanted Fat with Vanquish

Adults with excess fat deposits in their torso, hips, and buttocks often turn to liposuction treatment. This is an invasive procedure that can leave scars, and the body tends to replace the fat almost immediately.

However, the newest method for removing fat cells uses RF energy to gently melt away the deposits. Known as Vanquish, this revolutionary procedure is non-invasive, causes no pain, and results in immediate fat loss.

We recommend this fat-melting treatment procedure for our patients who have had difficulty with other fat removal methods. In most cases, positive results are achieved after just several 30-minute sessions.

Melting Away Excess Fat

Radio frequency (RF) energy is gentle and causes no burns. The apparatus used is a large device that has delivery panels on all sides. The machine actually maps out the fat deposits, their concentration, depth, and thickness. In this way, the operator can program the device to deliver just the right amount of heat to the targeted areas.

Targeted heat penetrates the layers of skin and gently warms the tissues that lie beneath. This includes fat cells.

The cells are warmed to a temperature of about 125 degrees Fahrenheit, and the skin itself never gets above 110 degrees.

When the fat cells are heated, they die. The fat fluid is absorbed by the lymphatic system and eventually flushed from the body along with other waste material.

What Patients Can Expect

After the initial consultation, a series of Vanquish treatment sessions is scheduled. We encourage our patients to drink plenty of water for several days prior to each session. The gentle heat treatment does promote water loss, so keeping hydrated is a must.

During the treatment, the individual lies on a table and the Vanquish machine is placed directly above. If the fatty areas are on both sides of the body, two treatment sessions are scheduled about a week apart.

While the machine is in operation, our patients will feel a slight warming sensation, but there is no stinging or painful heating involved.

In most cases, diminished fat concentrations are already noticeable after the first session. Up to four sessions will be scheduled in order to remove all the excess fat.

Benefits of Vanquish Fat Removal

Since no surgery is involved, the procedure can be performed as an outpatient treatment. No anesthetics are needed because the heat is gentle and does not burn the skin.

Unlike liposuction, no invasive techniques are used, so there are no scars to deal with. The heating of the skin does not damage the epidermal layers. In fact, the heat actually stimulates new growth of supporting tissue, which is an added benefit to this type of procedure.

Find Out If Vanquish is for You

Vanquish is a simple, painless method of melting fat. It is most effective on fat deposits located in the belly, buttocks, and thighs. If you are moderately overweight, with most of the excess mass in the form of fat, you may want to consider a series of Vanquish treatment sessions. Contact Spa Black today to schedule your consultation.