Pain-Free BOTOX

BOTOX® is a great solution for men and women who are unhappy with the look of their lines and wrinkles. This treatment works best on expression lines, which are typically the first lines to show up on the skin. These lines form in the areas where you make facial expressions, such as around the eyes, across the forehead and around the mouth. Expression lines are present when you are making an expression but fade away when your face is at rest.

BOTOX® is a great solution for these lines and wrinkles because it is a solution that temporarily relaxes the small muscles of the face. When these tiny muscles cannot move, they can no longer crinkle up the skin on top of them. Thus, your skin will once again appear youthful and smooth.

We can use these injections for a wide array of problem areas. Most frequently, we use them to treat crow’s feet, horizontal wrinkles across the forehead and vertical lines between the eyes. However, we can also use BOTOX® in other areas at our med spa in San Antonio.

You may be surprised at just how easy and convenient our BOTOX® injections are at Spa Black. We are proud to offer what we call pain-free BOTOX®. One of the biggest concerns that we hear about from our patients is their fear of discomfort with the injections. If the thought of discomfort is bothering you, you can rest easy with our help.

We offer two options to keep pain at bay during your BOTOX® injections. The first is Emla cream. This is a topical anesthetic made with lidocaine and prilocaine that temporarily numbs your skin.

The other option that we offer in our office is the Blaine vibration device. This anesthetic device works by disrupting the pain pathway to your brain. When your nerves are processing the painless vibrations, they cannot process pain signals as clearly.

During your BOTOX® treatment at Spa Black in San Antonio, you will be met with a compassionate staff who want you to experience great results while also remaining comfortable. Contact us today to book an appointment and learn more!