Plump Your Lips with Juvederm

Juvederm is a type of cosmetic procedure that falls under the category of lip augmentation. Its purpose is to provide plump, full lips to patients who may simply feel their lips are too thin or whose pout may have thinned due to the effects of aging.

While there are many different lip fillers being used today, the most common and effective such as Juvederm contain the ingredient hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in your body.

Read on to learn more and to decide if Juvederm may be right for you.

More About Juvederm

If you are self-conscious about your smile or feel your lips are too thin, Juvederm injections can help to provide you with improved confidence.

This type of hyaluronic injection not only add to fuller, more voluminous lips, they also can define your mouth’s shape and structure.

You can expect the results to last approximately six months. Follow-up sessions can maintain your desired look.

Benefits of Treatment

The hyaluronic acid gel in Juvederm is what aids in both the plumping and the shaping of the lips. The benefits of this formula are numerous. In consultation with our practitioner, you will decide how full you’d like your lips to be.

Juvederm can be administered in a controlled manner to avoid over plumping, leading to just the right results for you.

In fact, it’s possible to gradually increase the amount of gel injected over a series of treatments so that you can get used to your new look slowly until you’re satisfied.

Juvederm produces less noticeable bruising and swelling than other types of fillers.

Your results should last for a decent amount of time so that you don’t have to disrupt your life for frequent maintenance sessions.

Because hyaluronic acid is so very similar to a chemical produced by the human body, there are very few incidents of allergic reaction.

About the Procedure

Before your injection, you may receive a local or topical anesthetic. It is also possible to receive an anesthetic injection to numb any discomfort.

The treatment areas will be marked, and the doctor will inject the filler into the targeted areas.

You’ll need to avoid putting much pressure on the lips and wearing lipstick or other products, though. Natural-looking, fuller lips will appear during the healing process.

Juvederm is a safe, convenient procedure to plump thin lips. If you’re looking to enhance your appearance, this may be a suitable option for you. Contact Spa Black today to make an appointment.