Reduce Body Fat with Vanquish Treatments

Invasive fat removal surgeries can produce amazing results, but they often have quite a few unwanted side effects. Many patients are forced to deal with permanent scars along their midsection or across their flanks. Others can’t afford to take two or more weeks off work to recover from a gastric bypass procedure or liposuction. These are just a few of the reasons why so many patients have turned to the cutting-edge Vanquish fat removal system.

This popular treatment has helped thousands of patients achieve their cosmetic goals with absolutely no downtime, incisions or scars. In as little as four or five appointments at our med spa in San Antonio, this procedure could remove up to four inches of fat from your midsection without damaging the nearby soft tissue.

A Look at Radio Frequency Technology

There are no exercise programs or diets that can target specific pockets of fat. When you are burning more calories than you are consuming, you will metabolize random fat cells throughout your body. Therefore, so many health enthusiasts continue to struggle with stubborn abdominal fat no matter how much time they are spending at the gym.

The Vanquish system allows our team to target and destroy specific pockets of fat with radio frequency waves. This technology gently heats your fatty tissue with a series of panels that are placed just over your skin. During the treatment, the fat becomes so hot that the walls fall apart and the cells die off. Just as with all other dead tissue, your immune system will then flush the cells out of your body.

What Does Vanquish Feel Like?

During these short treatment sessions, most of our patients listen to music, read or take a nap. The Vanquish machine does not come into contact with your skin at all, and you will most likely feel nothing more than gentle warmth near the treatment site. Our patients typically need between four and six sessions to fully sculpt the abdomen. Vanquish can be carried out alone or combined with other treatments to address issues such as loose skin and cellulite.

Is Vanquish Right for Me?

Before your first treatment at Spa Black in San Antonio, you will need to meet with one of our staff members to learn more about this unique procedure. While Vanquish is both safe and effective, it is not right for everyone. Patients should be relatively healthy and close to their ideal weight before undergoing any contouring treatment.

Thanks to Vanquish, you no longer need to worry about wearing a bathing suit or not fitting into your favorite outfits. This popular procedure could be just what you need to finally restore your confidence. If you think you could benefit from this treatment, schedule an appointment at Spa Black, a premier spa in the San Antonio area. Contact our office today to request a consultation.