Refresh Your Skin with an Oxygen Facial

At Spa Black, we offer many pampering facial treatments for your skin. Among the most popular is the O2 facial, also known as an oxygen facial. This kind of facial was a celebrity secret for a long time — Madonna was said to be the biggest fan of this skin of specialized skin treatment. But now, we can offer it to you right here in our office.

Everyone knows that oxygen is a vital element for our health and well being. When you have this kind of treatment, the restorative powers of oxygen are utilized to help combat common skin concerns, particularly for aging skin, people who suffer from acne, and those with redness caused by rosacea. Lack of oxygen in the skin can be one of the causes of these problems, and an O2 facial helps deliver extra oxygen to help your skin work better and minimize skin concerns. Oxygen facials are a terrific way to rejuvenate your face and help skin care products absorb better to get you better results.

An O2 facial uses an airbrush to deliver highly concentrated oxygen directly into your skin via gentle pressure. The oxygen is also infused with skin care “ingredients” to further healing and improve appearance and skin health; these ingredients include moisturizers, vitamins, and antioxidants.

The use of the airbrush helps your skin absorb both oxygen and those additional ingredients, resulting in a more plump, healthier appearance, with fewer lines and wrinkles, better texture and tone and smaller pores. Collagen production is also given a boost, so your skin’s natural processes can continue the benefits of the facial. And you can apply makeup right after your O2 facial, if you wish — there is no waiting time needed.

Many people see immediate results after their first experience with an oxygen facial, and those immediate effects last for two days, on average. But for the best results, a series of treatments is recommended. Six treatments — once per week for six weeks — is considered the optimum series to get the fullest and longest-lasting results from this kind of facial. After your six week series is completed, you may want to return once a month for “oxygen maintenance” in order to keep those results going and keep your skin looking youthful and dewy-fresh.

To learn more about O2 facials or any of the other pampering treatments we offer, call Spa Black today.