Rejuvenate Your Skin with Our Pampering Facials

These days, there are scores of facials that are designed rejuvenate your skin. Each person’s skin is different, and certain facials may be better for you than others. At Spa Black, our medical team will work with you to determine the safest and most effective facial for your skin and your aesthetic concerns.

An alpha hydroxyl acid peel is also called the AHA peel. Alpha hydroxyl acids, which are also known as fruit acids, include glycolic acid, citric acid, and lactic acid. Glycolic acid is the most commonly used acid in AHA peels. The aesthetician will typically apply the peel with a sponge and wait for a set amount of time. At the end of the session, she will wipe the peel off with water. The peel separates dead skin cells from healthy ones. AHA peels are gentle, making them a good choice for people with sensitive skin. It also means the client will need several sessions to get the desired results. They are useful for treating acne and the scars that come with it.

A beta hydroxyl acid peel is also called the BHA peel, and BHA itself is sometimes called salicylic acid. BHA is related to aspirin and has similar anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it a good choice for people with sensitive skin, especially people with rosacea. It works much like an AHA peel but causes less irritation. Since salicylic acid is lipid-soluble, it is a good treatment for people with acne and blackheads.

Retinoic acid facials help reduce the signs of aging by building up collagen and getting rid of dead skin cells. The client, however, will need to get treatment every four to six weeks for best results. Retinoic acid is a form of Vitamin A, so retinoic acid peels are sometimes called Vitamin A peels. The retinoic acid takes the form of cream that the aesthetician smears on the client’s face. The resultant mask takes 10 to 25 minutes to dry. The esthetician removes the mask and treats the client’s face with a sunscreen.

While organic facials are popular, customers should approach these with caution. They are made from plant oils – to which many people are allergic. People with known sensitivities to plants should, therefore, avoid organic facials.

If you are interested in one of our facials, contact Spa Black today to schedule your consultation. We will discuss your skin type and any issues you would like to address like redness, dryness, acne, anti-aging or any other skin concerns. We will help you get glowing, refreshed and radiant skin.