Rosacea Symptoms

Rosacea is a medical condition that causes an individual to have discolored skin on the face. Rosacea has a tendency to flare-up for several weeks or months before disappearing and reappearing at any time in the near future. This process will continue for the rest of your life unless you get the proper treatment to reduce the symptoms and causes of your rosacea. While almost anyone can get rosacea, the skin condition is most common in middle-aged women that have light or fair skin.

The most common symptom is red skin on the face. This persistent redness is usually located near the center of the face. If the condition is severe enough, then the blood vessels in the nose and cheeks will become visible through the skin after they become swollen. This facial redness is also commonly paired with swollen, red bumps. Since these bumps often contain pus, the condition is commonly misdiagnosed as acne. You will also notice that your face often becomes extremely hot and tender to the touch during a flare-up.

The other less common symptoms of rosacea include eye problems and an enlarged nose. Approximately half of the people suffering from rosacea will experience problems with their eyes at the same time. These eye problems can come either before or after the facial redness is present.

The most common eye problems are irritation, dryness, and swollen eyelids. While it is rare, some people with rosacea may see their nose become much larger than normal during flare-ups. This is caused by the thickening of skin on the nose.

While rosacea is known to affect millions of people each year, nobody is certain of the primary cause of the condition. It is most likely caused by hereditary genes, but there are several things that are known to trigger the condition. The most common triggers of rosacea are spicy foods, alcohol, sunlight exposure, stress, strenuous activity and severe temperatures.

All of these factors are known to cause rosacea flare-ups because they increase blood flow to the surface of the skin. Everyone will have their own triggers, so it is best to avoid anything that you think may be causing your rosacea flare-ups.

While there is not a cure for rosacea, there are several treatment options to control and reduce your symptoms. Spa Black in San Antonio offers a number of effective treatment options, including laser therapy and IPL therapy. During your consultation at our office, we can evaluate your symptoms and come up with a treatment plan that is perfect for your condition. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to learn more.