Say Goodbye to Unwanted Body Hair with Laser Hair Removal

Many men and women have places on their body where they feel they have too much hair. For women, it may be on the face or lower back. For men, it may be on the neck, chest or upper back.

Fortunately, laser hair removal is a procedure that permanently reduces unwanted hair anywhere on your body. It is safe, comfortable and a great alternative to continuously shaving, waxing and plucking your unwanted hair.

The most common cosmetic procedure that is done in the U.S., laser hair removal consists of a laser beam of light that is focused on your hair follicles. The pigment or melanin in your hair absorbs the light as heat, which goes all the way to the root and affects it. This means the follicle cannot grow hair again.

Our trained technicians can use the laser to pinpoint one hair at a time on your upper lip or a section the size of a quarter on your back or legs. Each pulse of light takes less than a second, so the whole process can be quickly done. Small areas, such as your upper lip or eyebrows, may take about 15 minutes and large areas, such as your legs, may take about an hour.

While laser hair removal does not guarantee permanent hair loss, it does give permanent hair reduction. Some hairs will be permanently gone and others may grow back after some time. Even if this happens, the hair will be pale and weak.

Hair has three growing stages, including the growing stage, resting stage and falling out stage. Laser hair removal can only be done during the growing stage. It will take multiple treatments to be sure as many hairs as possible were in the growing stage to get the results you expect.

During a consultation with our specialist, you will learn about the procedure and be given instructions about what to do before and after treatment. We will ask you not to remove your unwanted hair by plucking, waxing or electrolysis for at least six weeks before treatment. You may shave because that doesn’t affect the follicle. We also recommend that you stay out of the sun for six weeks before treatment.

Laser technology has advanced in the last few years, so laser hair removal is effective for any skin color. Let Spa Black in San Antonio help you permanently say goodbye to unwanted body hair. Our experts can evaluate your unwanted hair and help you determine if laser hair removal is right for you. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment to learn more about this incredible treatment.