Shape Up with Vanquish Fat Treatments

Vanquish fat treatments are the newest of the body contouring and non-invasive treatments. It is the first one to destroy fat without touching the patient’s body by a method called “focused field radio frequency.”

At Spa Black Laser Lipo and Cellulite Therapy in San Antonio, we can help you get the body you want – or once had – with Vanquish body contouring. Our medical staff can you decide if this treatment is right for you. To schedule your consultation, contact Spa Black today.

How Do I Know if I Would Benefit From Vanquish?

If you are tired of failed diets, and exercising doesn’t help, then Vanquish could be right for you. Additionally, if you can’t get rid of those last few inches or have an upcoming special occasion you want to appear thinner for, this could be the treatment that finally gets you to that goal. Because it’s a non-invasive procedure, there is little downtime or recovery, so you can get back to your normal routine almost immediately.

What Happens During the Treatments?

A device that has sensors built-in is used to read the amount of fat in a patient’s body. It then calculates the amount of energy it should deliver during the treatments. The fat underneath the skin is heated up to 120 degrees; the heat then destroys the fat cells. The results are long-lasting because the device destroys the fat cells themselves, not just the fat inside the cells. The treatment consists of four half-hour sessions that have a week in between. After the fourth treatment, the average patient loses around two inches from the waistline. There are even some patients that see a noticeable difference after the very first treatment!

Will I Feel Any Pain?

No, Vanquish treatments will not cause you any pain. The device will not touch your body directly. Patients reportedly say that it just feels like a heating pad is on the skin (a slight warming sensation). You may sweat a little but that’s about it. Other body contouring treatments cause pain, but Vanquish takes pride in patient comfort during treatment.

What Side Effects Could I Have?

There are minimal possible side effects: Your skin may be slightly pink and warm right after treatment. The skin’s surface is heated slightly above normal temperature, but the temperature of your skin will return to normal quickly. There can be red and tender areas but it’s rare.

Do I Need To Prepare Beforehand?

You should be dressed comfortably, and as if you are going out into summer weather. Sleeves that are short would be ideal since your body temperature will rise during treatment. It is advised to hydrate well the day before and the day of treatment by drinking at least eight glasses of water per day. Also, you will need to hydrate well with water the following two days.

Is There a Downtime for Recovery?

Unlike other types of fat treatments, you won’t have to take off work or activities after getting Vanquish treatments. You can go back to your normal life, however you should drink more water than usual during the few days following treatment.

How Soon Will I See Results?

Most patients report the results are visible by a couple weeks after the final treatment. Some patients even begin seeing results after the first one!

Vanquish targets the love handles, tummy, and problem areas that diet and exercise have a hard time fixing. In just four weekly, half-hour treatments, you can lose up to three inches with Vanquish! Now you can finally shape up with Vanquish fat treatments! Call Spa Black today to see if Vanquish is right for you!