Six Common Questions About Dysport Answered

Dysport® is an aesthetic injectable treatment generally used for both mild and severe frown lines which result from the regular tightening of facial muscles. Much like Botox®, Dysport® works by restricting muscle movement to smooth out wrinkles. The treatment is perfect for people who wish to eliminate wrinkles without altering their facial expressions, as it only targets affected muscles rather than the entire face.
Dysport® has proven to be effective in treating visible signs of aging in the face such as crow’s feet, frown lines, wrinkles above the lips and around the mouth. If you are considering Dysport® to tackle unwanted signs of aging, here are common questions answered for you about this popular cosmetic treatment:

1. Is Dysport® Similar to Botox®?
The two injectable treatments work the same way to treat wrinkles by inhibiting nerve responses in certain muscles. However, the two have different chemical compositions, and one can be considered superior to the other on various occasions. Dysport® is diluted, with a thinner concentration than Botox®.

2. Is the Treatment Safe?
Dysport® is FDA-approved for medical aesthetics and not only is it safe, but patient reports also show that it is one of the most effective treatments for improving signs of aging.

3. How Can I Prepare for My First Appointment?
There really is no to-do guide specifically for the treatment. However, your doctor will communicate all the necessary information during your initial consultation.

4. Who Administers the Injection?
Dysport® should always be administered by a certified professional – never take anything less. Typically, a medical doctor, nurse, aesthetician or plastic surgeon can administer the injection. In the case of aestheticians, be vigilant about credentials. At Spa Black, you can be comfortably assured of the expertise of the reputable Dr. Jeneby.

5. How Long Is the Session?
One of the things valued about this treatment is that there is no downtime involved. The injection process itself takes minutes, half an hour at best, and you go back to your daily activities. Also, the results are almost instantaneous. How long the results last depends on how much wrinkle reducer is injected.

6. What Happens after the Treatment?
It is discouraged to exert yourself after the injection for the first hour or two. However, every patient is unique, and our doctor will provide you with post-care instructions based on your needs.

This treatment at Spa Black in San Antonio, TX is great for reducing wrinkles. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!