Subtly Enhance Your Lips with Lip Fillers

In the past, the procedures available for luscious and plump lips were only affordable for extremely wealthy individuals. This changed when technology made a non-surgical procedure possible. The treatment became very easy to access, was much more affordable and nearly all downtime was eliminated. Since then, lip fillers have become unbelievably popular all over the world due to the interest, demand and effectiveness of the products. Internet searches for fillers have increased countless times during the past years with the expectation that the numbers will continue to rise. In 2015, Kylie Jenner publicly admitted she had been using fillers for her lips. Once she said her last treatment was just 24 hours prior, the amount of inquiries for the treatment shot up by seventy percent. This was when the beauty trend skyrocketed in popularity.

During the same year, in excess of 27,000 Americans had this procedure. This works out to be one treatment every twenty minutes. Although individuals from twenty to seventy years of age have made lip fillers an important part of their beauty routine, many treatments are provided to individuals in their twenties and thirties. The methods, techniques and tools used for the procedure have continued to advance. In the rare instances the individual does not like their new look, the procedure is now reversible in most cases. The substances are based on materials natural to your body. This means you no longer need to be concerned about an allergic reaction to the fillers. By the year 2017, this enhancement had become so popular that 2.7 million procedures were performed in the United States alone.

The treatment is non-surgical, provides plumper and fuller lips and typically requires just minutes. Any downtime is so slight, numerous individuals have scheduled an appointment between errands or during a break from other activities. The active ingredient in the majority of fillers is called hyaluronic acid. This substance is completely natural for your body. The best type of filler is dependent on the area of your lips you want to treat and the results you want to achieve. This can be anything from adding more volume to enhancing the definition of your lips. You will be able to discuss everything and ask any questions during your consultation with the cosmetic professional. The syringe is pre-filled with gel. Once the filler is injected, your lips will be cushioned and filled for an immediate increase in size and volume.

You will notice the difference immediately. Your full results will not appear until the gel is integrated completely with your skin. This is generally in the days and weeks that follow. Your benefits will last for a long period of time. Depending on the filler, this can be as long as multiple months to a year or more. Lidocaine is contained in some of the fillers. This is an anesthetic to help prevent you from experiencing any discomfort while receiving your injections. A topical anesthetic may also be applied prior to your injections to add further comfort. You can return to your daily schedule as soon as you walk out the door. The FDA has granted approval for lip fillers, showing the injections are safe. There are no allergy tests required and no chance of an allergic reaction because your skin already contains hyaluronic acid.

You should not use any products that thin your blood such as aspirin, ibuprofen or herbal supplements for a set time before your procedure. These types of medications often result in bruising of the skin. You need to tell the professional if you have a history of cold sores. In order to prevent the process from triggering new cold sores, you must be prescribed an antiviral medication before your treatment.

The specific density and technology for each hyaluronic acid filler is different. This provides a wide range of densities and textures for natural results. You can plump your lips, increase the volume or have fine lines filled in around your lips. In most cases, only one treatment is necessary for dramatic results. If your lips are extremely thin, multiple treatments may be required for a full appearance. Additional sessions are also necessary for changing the size and shape of your lips. If your goal is to have your lips appear more hydrated, softer or smoother or to achieve a moderate increase, you should not need more than one treatment to see immediate results. Specialized techniques are used to inject the hyaluronic acid filler into your lips. The first thing you will notice is your lips appear more enhanced with a much better contour.

Fillers are used to add volume to lips lost due to the process of aging and enhance more youthful lips. The fillers improve the look of your lips because they add more volume, structure and shape. Your results are designed to look natural. You will eventually need another treatment to maintain the volume and appearance of your lips. The benefits of the injections include:

  • The procedure is safe and performed by a skilled and qualified professional.
  • The results look natural.
  • The injections are approved by the FDA.
  • Lost volume is replenished for a plumper appearance.
  • The treatment is non-surgical and minimally-invasive.

There are a lot of hyaluronic acid lip fillers currently available on the market. The injections are given in the same or similar manner for all of these fillers with similar results. Again, some of them contain a local anesthetic called lidocaine.

Prior to having this treatment, you need to consider the reasons you want to change the appearance of your lips. If you want to feel better about the way you look, this procedure is ideal. If you are considering the treatment to please someone else or to create an image you believe is preferred by modern society, you may want to give the procedure more thought. You must keep your expectations realistic. Yes, the injections will enhance your lips while providing more fullness and plumpness. No, you will not look like someone else after your treatment. You should discuss your expectations, any concerns, the right product and the correct technique for your needs during your consultation.

You will most likely be a good candidate if you do not smoke and are in good overall health. You should not have lip fillers if you have certain medical conditions.

The Procedure for Lip Fillers

Your first step is having a consultation with a professional including a thorough assessment of your lips. If you are a good candidate, you will discuss any concerns, ask questions, be presented with options and have a treatment plan created. In most cases, you can have your procedure right after your consultation. The procedure is simple and usually only requires minutes. You will be given instructions on caring for your lips after your treatment.

Fillers are simply a way to enhance your lips. Numerous individuals have always had thin lips. Others have experienced thinning due to aging. Despite the reason or cause, this is an effective option for adding shape, structure and volume to extremely thin lips.

Some of the many benefits of the injections include:

  • Enhancing the Appearance: The best benefit is improving the appearance of your lips. When your lips are fuller, you will most likely appear younger. This often increases self-confidence in both social and professional situations.
  • The Importance of Symmetry: You will see your results at the conclusion of your session. The results look natural, and the majority of individuals reported they were satisfied with the new appearance of their lips. When your lips are sexier and fuller, your facial structure gains more symmetry.
  • Natural Fullness: The reason you can be assured your new fullness will look natural is the active ingredient in most lip fillers. Your body naturally produces hyaluronic acid. This means you will not require any allergy tests or experience an allergic reaction to the fillers. Your body will absorb the filler naturally. All you need to do to maintain plumper lips is have another treatment.
  • The Purpose: The purpose of the treatment is to help you achieve the appearance for your lips that you desire. Once you see the difference, the way you feel about the way you look will change for the better.
  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines: If you are one of the numerous individuals who have noticed wrinkles and fine lines around your mouth resulting from natural aging, lip fillers are ideal. Adding more volume to your lips will tighten the area around your lips, resulting in firmer skin and fewer lines and wrinkles.
  • No Allergic Reactions: Hyaluronic acid does not trigger an allergic reaction because the substance is natural in your body. Any possible side effects are very rare. It is still important to tell the professional about any medications, medical conditions and allergies during your consultation to ensure you receive the right filler.
  • The Natural Definition: Although the procedure will not make you look completely different, there will be a notable difference in the appearance of your face. If you have naturally thin lips, you should consider having this treatment. The results after one session are immediate and natural. You can decide what shape you prefer, how much volume you desire and the amount of fullness.
  • The Quick Recovery: You should be able to pick up your life right after completing your injections. Your new lips will change the way you look for the better and most likely raise your self-esteem.

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