Have you ever thought about having a procedure done? If you have, please consider Dr. Jeneby! I had adjustable implants and a BBL done March 2019 and there is not a word high enough for me to explain how HAPPY I am with the results.

My only regret is that I didn’t do it a lot sooner!

Plastic surgery is life changing!! I had lots of questions from procedures requested to anesthesia to recovery, I was always afraid of being put to sleep. I looked In to the best plastic surgeons in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio and after 12 months of research I trusted Dr. Jeneby to change my life for the better and I can sincerely with my hand on the bible tell you that my experience has been precise and exactly what I wanted. He did his part and now it was my turn to heal, take care of myself and do my part. I did it!!
Thank you Dr. Jeneby for giving me back the confidence I needed. You have truly made a BEAUTIFUL difference in my life!!

Thank you for your amazing, wonderful, thoughtful caring staff also…Love you guys forever!!

Sincerely, A Castro