Treat Signs of Aging with Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Sometimes, it is hard to hide the fact that you are growing older because of the signs of aging that develop on your skin. Things like lines, wrinkles, sagging and dark spots are hard to hide. They can, however, be made to go away with laser skin rejuvenation. Our team can give you details on exactly how this type of therapy can benefit you, based on your particular skin type and condition.

Over time, the skin becomes loose, especially when compared to the level of tightness it had when you were young. This looseness necessarily gives way to the formation of wrinkles. It will also cause the skin to sag, especially around the jowls. Since many of the signs of aging can be attributed to loose skin, the question then becomes one of what causes the skin to loosen.

In the lower layers of the skin is a protein called collagen. It serves the purpose of holding tissue together and providing the skin with fullness. This helps to keep it tight and young-looking. Over time, your body will lose its ability to produce collagen at the same rate. This reduction in collagen means the skin will start to loosen.

It has been discovered that by increasing the production of collagen, the skin will return to a level of tightness that it had in the younger years when the collagen levels were higher. Laser skin rejuvenation is often used to stimulate the skin to grow more collagen. The heat that is absorbed by the dermis, or layer of skin beneath the surface, will cause the process of growing extra collagen to begin.

Over the following months, the growth of collagen will take place to return it to a level that is closer to what it once was. There is also some immediate tightening of the skin as it responds to the laser energy.

Technology that is in use today has allowed lasers to be developed that will focus their energy toward the deeper layers of the skin in ways that do not destroy the outer layer. This means these therapies can be done in ways that do not require a long period of downtime for recovery.

If you are ready to treat some signs of aging on your skin, consider laser skin rejuvenation at Spa Black, Dr. Jeneby’s state-of-the-art med spa in San Antonio. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started!