Vanquish Over Laser Lipo for Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Most individuals are able to lose weight and feel satisfied with their appearance after going on a diet and increasing the amount of exercise they do. While this is not easy, they usually get results they are pleased with. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who still do not feel satisfied with their body even after working really hard to lose weight. Thankfully, there are different cosmetic treatments that can help these individuals. While laser lipo is a popular option, Vanquish™ treatments are becoming increasingly favored for non-surgical fat reduction.

Vanquish™ is a treatment that has been designed to help people who have fat in their mid-section that just simply does not respond to exercise and diet. Just like laser lipo, this is not a complete weight loss program. However, it does help people who have tried hard to exercise and diet, but they simply cannot reduce the fat that has accumulated around their abdomen. There are several reasons why you should consider Vanquish™ as a way to minimize unwanted fat in your midsection as opposed to using other more invasive procedures, like laser lipo.

This treatment is very unique in that it uses radio frequency to minimize fat. It has proven that it can reduce more than 50 percent of the fat that it treats. It is non-invasive, meaning that there is no cutting, no scarring and none of the downtime that is associated with more invasive procedures. This is really great for individuals who do not have the schedule or a desire to spend a lot of time recovering from a serious procedure.

It also means that there is much less risk involved. When going through laser lipo or other more invasive procedures, you have to weigh the risks with the benefits. Some of the risks that you would have to consider with laser lipo include infection, excessive bleeding and scarring, just to name a few. With Vanquish™, you do not have to think about any of these things.

Most individuals respond extremely well to Vanquish™ treatment, and they experience very few side effects. During the treatment, most people say that they feel a warm sensation. They have compared it to having a heating pad placed on them. However, the device does not actually touch the skin. You will be able to return to normal activities soon after treatment.

Most individuals can see great results from their Vanquish™ treatment after just a few sessions. This treatment is effective at getting rid of fat in the midsection, including belly fat, love handles and a muffin top. For some individuals, it can also work at getting rid of fat on the thighs.

Vanquish™ is a great non-surgical fat reduction treatment, an alternative to more invasive procedures, like laser lipo. It can help you to whittle away your waist and reduce other bulges of fat that have not responded to diet and exercise. To learn more about how Vanquish™ can benefit you, visit Spa Black in San Antonio. Contact us today to book your consultation.