What Happens in a Microdermabrasion Facial?

The skin on your face is the first thing people notice about you, and it is the basis for how others immediately assess your age and health. Unfortunately, as you age your skin’s health begins to deteriorate. You may begin to see signs of an uneven tone and other problems. At Spa Black in San Antonio, TX, it is our pleasure to help you bring back clearer skin and the healthy glow of youth. Microdermabrasion is a treatment that can quickly improve the tone and texture of your skin.

If you are experiencing dullness or dark spots on your facial skin, this treatment could completely change the way you see yourself. Your skin can have radiant vitality that you will be proud to show the world.

What Happens in a Microdermabrasion Facial?


The first step in the process is to have you come into our office for a consultation. We will talk about the skin problems you are experiencing and what kind of results you are hoping to see. We will ask you questions about medications you are taking as well as lifestyle choices like sun exposure and smoking. We will also ask about previous skin treatments you have had and the products you use on your face.

Most people are good candidates for microdermabrasion facial therapy, but we will help you make sure that this is the right approach for you based on your skin and what you’d like to see changed. We are excited to meet with you and work together to develop a plan to make your skin look its best.


When you come in for your first appointment, we will want to start the treatment with a clean surface. You can choose to clean your face before you arrive for your appointment, or we can clean it for you. This is to remove any dirt, oil, or other particles that have settled on your skin.

Starting with clean skins helps to get rid of any bacteria and surface dirt that might prevent getting the most out of your facial therapy.

Eye Covering

If you like, you can wear sunglasses or we can place eye patches over your eyes to protect vulnerable skin and make you more comfortable during the application. This way you can sit back and relax as you have your treatment.

Device Application

We use a hand-held device to gently and carefully remove the top layer of your skin. The tool we use will lightly lift minute sections of your skin. The device then sprays tiny crystals onto the surface of your skin that exfoliates the area, causing dead skin cells to flake away.  The treatment tool then collects all of the dead skin, and only new, fresh skin shows through and blood circulation is stimulated. This gives your complexion a healthy glow.


When the application is finished, we will then apply a moisturizer to your skin. This helps soften and calm the treated area and maximizes the benefits of the treatment. We will recommend a moisturizing schedule for you to follow at home.


First Treatment

One of the great advantages of microdermabrasion to other facial skin treatments is that treatment time is short. To treat your entire face, the process takes about 30 or 40 minutes. If we treat your neck area as well, that adds about 20 minutes.

That makes the entire treatment time for a full session usually last less than an hour. Some patients have the treatment done during their lunch hours or on an extended break from work.


For optimal results, you will need to repeat your sessions several times. The number of times you come in depends on your personal preferences and how much you want to achieve. If your skin issues are particularly intense, you may require more sessions than if your conditions are light and more superficial.

Most patients visit us between 5 and 16 times over the course of the treatment. You may choose to visit us once each week, every two weeks, twice a month, or on another schedule that fits your lifestyle.


You may want to continue your treatments as long as you see areas that can be improved. Your newly revealed and revitalized skin will continue to age due to normal outside influences, so there will come a time when you will want to consider coming in again. We will talk to u about precautions you can take after the treatment to keep your skin fresh and clear as long as possible.

Conditions Treated

Dull Complexion

Diminished blood flow under the skin and harsh conditions can cause your skin to become duller as you age. This treatment renews the skin and brings back its vitality, encouraging blood flow just under the surface. This creates a youthful, radiant, glow.

Uneven Skin Texture

When your skin’s collagen production slows down, it can change the texture of your skin. This will occur in some places with more intensity than others. The result is an uneven texture that has lost its supple, smooth appearance and softness to the touch.

Uneven Skin Tone

The dirt and other particles in the air around can create free radicals on your skin. These intruders can change the pigment of your skin and create uneven tones. Over time, this imbalance becomes more noticeable.

Age Spots

Age spots are small, brown marks that appear on the skin when it is directly exposed to too much sun. Also called liver spots or sun spots, these areas are usually not dangerous but will instantly age you. Gentle exfoliation can make these spots fade or even eliminate them completely.

Dark Spots

Dark spots, or hyperpigmentation, is the result of an excess of melatonin. There are many factors that can cause this, including external factors like sun exposure or internal issues like changes in hormones. These spots can be reduced or eliminated with proper treatment.


This condition, also called chloasma or pregnancy mask, often occurs in pregnant women. However, it can show up on women who are not pregnant and more rarely on men as well. This is dark or discolored splotches that usually appear on the bridge of the nose and across the cheeks. It sometimes occurs on the forehead or chin as well.

Melasma is thought to be triggered by hormones like estrogen and progesterone that fluctuate during pregnancy or while taking birth control pills.


Blackheads are a type of comedonal acne that occurs when dirt, oil, and dead skin cells become trapped in your pores. Microdermabrasion keeps your skin clear from dead cells and excess dirt, so blackheads become less intense and may disappear.

Fine Lines

The fine lines you see around your mouth, eyes, and other areas of your face can be caused by a number of factors. Most of these are related to getting older. Your skin naturally loses collagen and moisture as you age, which can cause these small wrinkles and lines to form. Environmental factors play a part as well.

Large Pores

Dirt, oil, and foreign particles on your skin can increase your pore size. Because your skin becomes less elastic as it creates less collagen over time, your pores don’t spring back into shape as efficiently as they once did. This may leave large pores behind.

Acne Scars

If you have dealt with moderate to severe acne in the past, you may have scarring from that experience. This can be due to acne puncturing your skin or even because of harsh treatments that were necessary to get the acne under control. Acne scars can be made much lighter or disappear with exfoliation.

Sun Damage

Direct sunlight can be extremely destructive to your skin, Unfortunately, if you’ve spent a lot of time in the sun without applying protection, you probably have some damage. The sun’s rays can increase wrinkles, promote uneven skin tones, and help to create a thin or crepey texture. These problems are all solved by exfoliation, moisturizing, and protecting your skin when you are outside.



One of the greatest benefits of this approach to younger, fresher skin is that it is non-invasive. Many cosmetic skin treatments involve a surgical procedure with general anesthesia, and others that are less invasive still include injections and topical anesthetics. This treatment is non-invasive.

No Recovery Time

After this treatment, you can return immediately to your normal activities. You can go back to work for the rest of the day or continue with any plans you made. There is no need to rest, schedule time off work, or take time for healing.

Skincare Products are More Effective

Healthier skin that is free of blemishes and debris can more effectively absorb topical products like moisturizers and anti-aging serums. After your treatment, you will find that your skin can more efficiently use the products you apply, so you will get more out of your investment in these products.

Builds Self-Confidence

When you feel better about your appearance, you will naturally have more confidence. In turn, this can increase your success at work and in your personal relationships. When you love what you see in the mirror, you feel like you can take on the world.


Sun Protection

You will need to keep your skin protected from the sun before coming in for treatment. Any recent damage can make the treatment less effective, and it may have to be rescheduled if you have a sunburn on your face.


Tanning is not recommended before treatment. This includes natural tanning as well as tanning beds or sprays.

Skin Products

There are some skin products to avoid using in the days leading up to your treatment. These may include retinol products and topical exfoliators. When you make your appointment, we will talk to you about your skincare routine and any changes you should make leading up to your treatment.

Other Skin Treatments

Please tell us about any additional cosmetic skin treatments you are planning to have prior to your session with us. Some treatments like botox or filler injections may interact badly with your microdermabrasion. We will counsel you about which kinds of treatments to avoid and how long you should wait between different kinds of therapies.

Youthful, Beautiful Skin

Your microdermabrasion treatment will bring back the supple, bright skin you had before natural aging took its toll. No one will be able to tell that you have had a cosmetic treatment, but they will see that you are looking youthful and fresh. Call us today at Spa Black in San Antonio, TX to schedule a consultation about your skincare needs. We will assess your skin challenges and help you create a plan for your journey to beautiful skin. Our passion is helping people look their best, and we are ready to put our skills to work for you. Call us today to get started.