What is Bellafill?

Bellafill is a popular dermal filler that erases age-related blemishes and acne scars by lifting and toning the skin. Unlike many other dermal fillers, this collagen-based injectable has the ability to erase common cosmetic problems for years with the proper aftercare. Hundreds of thousands of patients have been able to achieve their cosmetic goals with Bellafill®, and it might be just what you need to look years younger and feel your best.

The Root Causes of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Facial wrinkles are a relatively common cosmetic issue, and they can be caused by many different internal and external variables. When you are younger, your body produces a wide variety of proteins and hormones that protect your skin from environmental damage. As you grow older, however, your stores of those substances will begin to decrease. In addition to skin damage, the underlying soft tissue eventually disappears as well. All of these issues can create blemishes such as lines and wrinkles.

Will Over-the-Counter Products Work?

Many people spend thousands of dollars trying to erase their age-related blemishes with over-the-counter products. Some of those products will moisturize and protect your skin from further damage, but very few can reverse the signs of aging or address acne scars. Once you begin to develop these conditions, you will most likely need to work with an experienced specialist to improve the tone and texture of your skin. Options such as Bellafill® will provide you with long-term results and almost no unwanted side effects.

A Look at Bellafill® Injections

Every Bellafill® injection contains millions of microspheres suspended in a collagen-based gel. These microspheres are injected into certain areas to add volume to the face in areas that are sunken or wrinkled. Not only do these injections create immediate results, but they will also stimulate the production of vital proteins such as collagen. These proteins continue to improve the results for many months by triggering your body’s natural healing response.

The Benefits of Bellafill®

Bellafill® is unlike any other injectable filler in the world, and it has quickly become one of the most popular options among doctors and patients. The microspheres in a Bellafill® injection are made from non-resorbable materials, and that means your body won’t naturally break them down over time. Most other injectable treatments last for just a few months because the patient’s body will immediately begin metabolizing the material. This isn’t the case with Bellafill®.

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